Unusual Idiom

With finally a moment to rest, I activated my character identifier, allowing me to see the names of each of the people that had gathered here. Looking everyone over, I did my best to save their names to memory, at the back of my mind realizing that my method of ascertaining thier names, even if they we're only usernames, was a bit creepy, but what with my limited ability to communicate, I figured why not make things easier on myself.

The Dread Knight, named Vader apparently, suddenly bared his blade, and for a moment I wondered if he had finally come to his senses and was preparing engage the rest of the party in battle, however he pointed to his intended target moments later.

What at first looked to be misshapen trees on the edge of the clearing were ambling out into the open. Apparently these woods were infested with spriggan. The vile creatures hissed and chattered to eachother as their bodies creaked and groaned like old timbers on a windy day. Eyes glowed a sickly green. Though evil, these faithless creatures were no friends to the agents of Corruptus.

"I suggest you dispense with the pleasantries and draw your weapons, "

Reading this situation a lot better than the last one, I followed the Knight's lead and pulled my sword from its sheath, preparing for another fight, however, the Dark Elf named Cyndel Blackfar approached on her Alladin-esque magic carpet, and it seemed she had other plans.

" Let them be… " She said, waving us off before pointing to what looked like the North.

"Everyone in town has gone fucking nuts. It's likely the all the hate and bloodshed in StoneGate is what's drawn them out. Let those fucks in town deal with them. Our path takes us that way so let us away."

She looked absolutely done with this, done with the town most apparently. Oh yeah, I thought to myself with them in mind. What was the deal with that? What does she mean hate and bloodshed? I had only just walked up and it seemed that seconds later things went straight to hell in a handbasket and seconds before that things where already halfway there. That shadowy smog had blocked everything out and obscured the chaos from my vision, but it seemed some of these people had seen quite a bit more than I did, before and after I got there.

Just then a human named Kara, who looked to be our barbarianess based on her ripped clothing, walked up. Her expression was even more exhausted than the Elf's. I noticed she had no mount, and she looked as if she had just walked here from the town.

"I... uh...kinda need a ride, anyone willing to let me ride bitch?"

Ride bitch? I thought with a light snort, a mental one if that makes sense. Despite the unfamiliar idiom, the woman's request was clear. I looked to the last two of our party; Glenn Graystone, the Inquisitor who, if the Dark Elf's earlier comment was of any indication, had likely saved my life, and Artimis, the rogue who almost ended it before I entered town. Neither had yet to respond to the woman.

Fuck it, I'll bite.

I rose my hand and did a small wave, intending to indicate I was down to allow her space on Mere, who snorted a puff of black smoke from her nostrils in response.

Using the auto-chat function as opposed to the quick chat function, my disembodied automated voice spoke the word "Hello, " with but a thought on my behalf. Sure, I did it partially because she was pretty (and by partially I meant like 70% so perhaps marginally would be more accurate), but I was also just curious what she was all about. I wasn't sure how I expected to find anything out though, beyond mounting my horse backwards and staring emptily into her eyes until she said something. As far as I knew, ' So where are you from? ' was likely not one of the options for auto-chat.

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