Awww crap!

"Does anyone else keep getting deja vu as well?" Nate asked.

"Everywhere I look," Jason replied. Then, after a pause, "Thank you for the ride. ...I meant to say something earlier."

Jason felt awkward amongst the group. He'd been a solo player for so long now that he wasn't entirely comfortable around others. And the kindness of his new companions was so foreign to him that it was hard not to be suspicious about it.

"I find myself missing people whom I don't even remember. It's... confusing," he said, shaking his head.

Though the sky had momentarily cleard, it was still cold and everything was still soaking wet. Building a fire to cook on or warm up to proved impossible. Even with the magic at some of his companions' disposal, nothing would stay alight for long. Jason was beginning to shiver.

'Fool! You're going to freeze to death. Or is that your plan to be rid of us?' Snagga said, once again reminding him that he wasn't alone in his own head.

He said nothing aloud. No doubt, some of the others already thought him unbalanced as it was. Instead, he excused himself and left the clearing. There, amongst the dense woods he finally spoke up.

"I wish I could die, to be rid of you! But you won't even let me do that!" he said angrily.

'Pathetic mortal! We saved your life. You should be grateful to us,' Snagga said.

"You're a parasite! Nothing but a parasite," Jason said, unsheathing the accursed sword and once more trying to fling it away.

'Parasite or not, you need us,' Snagga said, stubbornly refusing to leave his hand.

"I need you like I need cancer!" Jason said.

'There!' Snagga screeched.

From the foliage a rabid felwolf emerged, yellow saliva dripping from its hungry jaws. Had he not been so preoccupied, he'd have noticed it sneaking up on him. With shoulders nearly as high as his own, it was truly a massive beast. Jason doubted his chances.

And then a dozen spiked tentacles shot out from his blade, instantly impaling the creature and splitting trees behind it. It howled, as much out of surprise as from the pain of being skewered.

'WE HUNGER!' Snagga said and Jason could feel the life-force being drained from the dying beast.

A portion of that life-force coursed through Jason as well and he could feel the chill within his veins diminish.

'This will stave off the cold and hunger for now,' Snagga said, vibrating and turning a hue of dark crimson.

Just then, he turned to see the young wood elf, Serenity stepping through the woods into sight. The look on her face as she say the wolf strung up and bleeding out and Jason Voorhees holding the demonic sword...

"I- I...," what could he possibly say?

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