Friggin' spriggan!

"Let them be…," the elf declared. "Everyone in town has gone Fucking nuts. It's likely that all the hate and bloodshed in StoneGate is what's drawn them out. Let those fucks in town deal with them."

As nice as that sounded, the spriggan didn't seem to be drawing any distinctions between the two groups. They were closing in from two different sides now. Any one of them was strong enough to pull the ears off a gundark.

He ignored the elf and charged the nearest one the moment it came too close for comfort. It felt like trying to impale a damned tree! Thick sap-like blood ran down his blade, hissing and bubbling like acid. Furthermore, the spriggan didn't much seem to care. He jerked his blade free and spun, hitting it with as much strength and momentum as he could muster. It's head, if head were the right word for it, took the blow. It staggered back, but did not go down.

"Faithless creature, begone!" he yelled and with a great overhead swing, split it down the middle.

There was no time to savor his kill, however. For two more spriggan took its place. Just dispatching the the one had tired him considerably. He stepped back, bumping into Glenn.

"Either start using that mace or find somewhere to hide, cleric," he suggested before diving back into battle.

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