Spriggans, Kara and Damit

“Vader, we don’t have time for this!” said Graystone moving forward on his horse. Knowing that the Monsters were evil. Glenn raised his mace high in the air casting “Divine Light!” seconds later a bright light appeared above him the light was like the sun its self as if it was in your face. The blinding light would blind the undead and evil monsters repel them with light damage until they leave the area. “We need to get Kara now, I will never leave a soldier behind! I mean party member.” Graystone says. He starts to back up his horse “Vader and Blackfar, watch the front line” as the spriggans covered their faces backing up you could see vaper rising off their bark skin like they were being scorched from the light. “we need to fall back now, get Kara and get on the road” his tone frustrated and a little angry.

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