Friendly fire

"Ghaaaaaaa! Son of a bitch!" Vader screamed in agony.

The divine light seemed to penetrate every inch of his armor, inflicting burning wounds upon him. A lesser warrior might have collapsed or even turned to dust. Still, it left him dazed and half blind.

A nearby spriggan, also blinded and flailing wildly, knocked him from his feet. He lashed out with his sword, but hit nothing. Then the spriggan lept (or maybe fell) on him. He punched it with his heavy steel gauntlet but the creature was unphased. So he punched it again, and again, until his fist split the creature's wooden body. It fell back and he kicked it away.

"Graystone, you bastard!" he yelled and nearly attacked the player.

Instead, he scooped up his sword and finished the spriggan off. When he turned back, the rest of the party were already moving off. He mounted his horse and followed suit, bashing another spriggan in the head as he went.

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