Apologetic and vader

Graystone saw Vader hit the round and "Ghaaaaaaa! Son of a bitch!" Vader screamed in agony. Graystone knew he was in trouble and would have to answer for what happened. He was not sure if it would have any effect on Vader now that he was a player this made things difficult for Graystone. Most of his blessing would not work for Vader and healing could be a problem. Moving forward to cover Vader Graystone charged one spriggan smashing in to it sending it soaring It crashed in to the ground rolling with pieces flying off it as it shattered. That felt real as the horse moves though its target. The vibrations of armor and snapping wood the warm sap splashing on to his leg the wood bouncing off his armor to real all most like war the two real wars he was in. Vader had destroyed the spriggan on him as he got back on his horse. Vader moved back to the others.

“We fall back! To the gate area and pick up Kata and get out of here before things get worse.” Says Graystone riding up to the others. He waits for the others to move then takes up the rear guard keeping the spriggans at bay they clear the opening and then cutting though the field just stopping in site of the Gate. “We wait here for Artimis and Kara and support if needed” says Geaysstone to the group. “Vader, I owe you an apology, I did not think it would effect you that way you are a player now not just some monster” Graystone said in an apologetic voice. “Wow friendly fire even in game now” He mumbles.

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