I'd Rather Sleep on It

Cyndel shrugged.

" Dungeons Deep and Dark doesn't have a Thor like deity in its pantheon." She observed in annoyance.

" If I was going to speculate I'd say our boy Glenn attempted to override the network settings and got bitch slapped by feedback when the system didn't want too or wasn't able too perform the requested action."

She paused thinking for a moment." It's possible that his security status benefits have been restricted or maybe even revoked by the higher-ups."

Cyndel shrugged. " I'm done playing Admin Bitch for the evening. "

She selected the Restoration command and with a press of a button restored everyone's status and hit points to full as well as restoring any damaged or destroyed equipment to whole too include Glenn's once ruined armor.

" I'm going to bed … " She said motioning to Necrolon. " If you need anything or have topics you want to research Necrolon here can help you find it.


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