Breaking Down

Cyndel shrugged.
" Dungeons Deep and Dark doesn't have a Thor like deity in its pantheon." She observed in annoyance.
" If I was going to speculate I'd say our boy Glenn attempted to override the network settings and got bitch slapped by feedback when the system didn't want too or wasn't able too perform the requested action."
She paused thinking for a moment." It's possible that his security status benefits have been restricted or maybe even revoked by the higher-ups."
Cyndel shrugged. " I'm done playing Admin Bitch for the evening. "
She selected the Restoration command and with a press of a button restored everyone's status and hit points to full as well as restoring any damaged or destroyed equipment to whole too include Glenn's once ruined armor.
" I'm going to bed … " She said motioning to Necrolon. " If you need anything or have topics you want to research Necrolon here can help you find it.

Miles watched everyone leave upstairs as he contemplated on what to do. He was feeling to stressed out now and couldn't sleep under his current situation. He was feeling overwhelmed as he was screwed no matter what he did. He didn't want to leave the game, but he had no desire to die in the game either. He rubbed his stiff neck and aching temples as he pondered on what to do next. Then he saw his wine bottle and shrugged as he walked over to pick it up and finish it off. Necrolon ignored Miles as he read his book. Feeling a small buzz Miles pulled out a new bottle of wine and popped the cork before he started drinking from the bottle. The warm feeling in his belly helped him relax a bit as the alcohol began coursing through his veins.

As he was feeling a good buzz coming on he began to sway as he hummed in his head. This went on for a few minutes as he was alone. In his mind he was singing Karaoke in his head and remembered that Maxx had a Karaoke system built in him for entertainment uses. The previous owner put a lot of useless but amusing upgrades into Maxx. Miles smirked as he imagined Maxx being with him so he could sing Karaoke. Then he was startled by a hot snort from Maxx standing behind him. Miles was not ready to be scared by Maxx so quickly as he almost dropped his wine bottle.

Miles: Oh Maxy you scared me.

Maxx snorted steam.

Miles: Huh? You read my mind? Oh you want me to sing for you huh? Okay set up the mic then.

Maxx's legs sank into her chest leaving her belly on the floor as a speaker popped out from her chest and microphone popped out from her mouth. Miles then took the microphone adjusted the dials so he was not to loud and woke up the others who were sleeping way upstairs. Oddly enough he was not to concerned about Necrolon, who was still ignoring him. After opening up his inventory, Miles pulled out a tiger skin robe made from a magical demonic Dire Tiger. Then Miles took the mic and began to speak as he paused to sip some wine.

Miles: Greeting everyone in the audience.

Necrolon glances up at Miles who looks like a lounge singer at this point wearing his tiger skin robe and holding a wine bottle in one hand and a microphone in the other.

Miles: You know folks life is pretty strange. Its full of twists and turns and sometimes...…..a twist ending. One minute you are on top of the world and the most feared man in your industry. Then the next moment you are a past thought and food for the worms. Life is full of many messed up situations and in the end you are screwed no matter what you do. So here is a little ditty from the heart of my bottom.

Miles: Hit is Maxy.

The music then began to play as Miles sang along.

Song 1

Miles swayed as he sang along to the music playing on Maxx's speaker. It was not loud in the room where Necrolon sat so it was unlikely the others could even hear it at all since they were pretty deep underground. After the song was over he began to speak up again to his imaginary audience.

Miles: Thank you. Thank you very much. You are a great crowd and remember to tip your waitress.

Miles imagined having an audience applauding to him, despite Necrolon sitting in silence. He bowed several times and smiled to his imaginary audience before he took a swig from his wine bottle. He was feeling good at the moment as he had a good buzz going on.

Miles: You know folks we in crazy times. I mean one minute your minding you own business and heading to a big money making gig the next moment you are trapped in a Death Game made for kids twelve and up. I swear its enough to drive a guy insane. Hit it Maxy!

The music then began to play as Miles swayed and danced a bit to the beat of the song.

Song 2

Then he began to sing along in his lounge style. Now, unknown to many, this particular upgrade on Maxx was designed so anyone could sing like a bard since the magical setting had several options to alter the singer's voice as well as some additional features. So regardless if the singer was drunk or just lousy at singing they could sound somewhat decent to any audience. It was made for bar room entertainment but never really caught on with most players since it was expensive. Miles did a stomp dance to go with the song on some parts then a wobble dance on others. He was really getting into character as he really did look like a 3rd rate lounge singer you would normally see in any bar in a major airport, casino or hotel. After the song was over he took a bow and thanked the audience in his head.

Miles: Thank you. Thank you. You are an amazing crowd. I bet your mama loves you all. At times like this I miss my mom as well. She was a an awesome woman and I was a lousy son for not visiting her more often. I know I know its a bummer, but sometimes these things happen and we realize them too late folks. Personally I think we tend to get to involved in life that we push aside the important things to us. It like a sickness that takes a hold of our hearts and on that note. Hit it Maxy!!

Song 3

Miles wasted no time getting into the groove as he would occasionally drank his wine from his bottle. he was pacing his drinking so he remained buzzed and not stone drunk. He wanted to feel good without falling down drunk on the floor so he needed to limit his gulps. After the song was over he thanked the audience in his head once again.

Miles: Thank you folks. You are an amazing crowd and don't let the dead guy over there tell you different.

Miles pointed at Necrolon without looking at him. It annoyed him that Necrolon was ignoring his show and not clapping along, so he called him out on it.

Miles: You know folks...…...there are all types of people in this world. Some people are funny, some are sad, some are angry and some...…….well folks some are just creepy. And on that note hit it Maxy!

Song 4

Miles swayed to the song as he heard the music play. He seemed to really relate tot the song as he even whistled along on some parts. As he sang he seemed to starring at someone particular in his imagination as he sang to her till the end of the song.

Miles: Thank you! (bowing) You are a great crowd and I mean that from the heart of my bottom.

Miles drank again from his wine bottle and then finished off the bottle. He starred at the empty bottle and had a sad expression on his face like he would never again have another drink. Then he shrugged and sighed as he dropped the empty bottle on the floor. The bottle then rolled all the way to the desk of Necrolon and stopped with a slight bump.

Miles: Why I is the wine always gone? Well…......C'est la vie. Well folks this reminds me of the one thing I can't get in this digital paradise. I miss it and it was my kryptonite outside the game. Sadly I can't ever drink it again. Yes folks I am referring to first love named coffee. That's right its that amazing drink that empowers many in the wee hours of the morning. And on that note hit it Maxy!!

Song 5

Miles looked dark as he remained still as he sang his song. He came off as a dark bard singing in a dark and broody mood in a church. He bellowed as he got into the song. Though he showed more passion in the song he remained still. In the end he took a bow and a silent pause before he spoke up.

Miles: Thank you folks. That song just warms the cockles of my heart and yes it does warm the cockles of my heart to know what a cockle is. That little ditty is a part of my dark past which I am not to proud of and I am grateful you let me share that with you. Now folks our little show is coming to an end since the waitress said she is cutting me off for the night. But I am not as thinks as she drunk I am. But still folks remember to tip your waitress. She works hard for the money so we better treat her right and if we don't she might tamper with our food. I am speaking from experience folks. I did work in the fast food industry growing up. Anyhow my last song is a fusion of two classic songs rolled into one and cooked to perfection for your pleasure. So before we head of to bed and let the sandman takes us to dream land, let me send you off on a good note. Hit it Maxy!!

Last song

Necrolon put his book down as he looked at Miles sing his last song. Since he was lacking skin it was hard to tell if he liked the song or not. Necrolon has the same expression regardless of his mood so he was a tough nut to crack. Miles sang with all his heart as he swayed and did a shimmy dance. Once the song was over he bowed a few time to his imaginary audience and blew them kisses. He then waved at Necrolon an then he spoke up.

Miles: Thank you folks and give a warm applause to my dear friend Maxy who is my best friend and DJ. She works hard and puts up with my crap so treat her well folks. Well folks its been swell but the swellings gone down so its time to call it a night. Miles out...

Then Miles passed out on the floor drunk and out cold. Luckily he was caught by some invisible servants of Cyndel and carried to his bed along with Maxx. Necrolon shook his head as he went back to reading his novel. The invisible servants cleaned up Miles's mess and tucked him in under a blanket as Maxx was positioned next to Miles. As Miles slept he had another bizarre dream.

Miles's Dream


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