Almost Dead God Strike

Cyndel shrugged. " I'm done playing Admin Bitch for the evening. "

She selected the Restoration command and with a press of a button restored everyone's status and hit points to full as well as restoring any damaged or destroyed equipment to whole too include Glenn's once ruined armor.

" I'm going to bed … " She said motioning to Necrolon. " If you need anything or have topics you want to research Necrolon here can help you find it.

Hearing Cyndel voice he knew he was not dead. He still hurt all over and wondered what happened he sat up looking around. He remembered being hit with some magic energy “ouch, won’t do that again” said Glenn. He slowly stood up wants on his feet he used the wall to support himself. That should of work we are screwed.” I know now all the security protocols calls are being controlled or locked out. either way its bad for us.” he said in a tiered tone. Either way my admin privileges are revoke or suspend. I guess I am going back upstairs to lie down still feel a little dizzy. So he walked back the way he came at the top he found a corner and sat leaning against the wall. thinking on what just happen.

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