New Plan Fallow me

Leaning against wall still recovering from the hit. Siting on one of the fluffy pillows he pulled his panel up changing his armor out for clothing with a hue of light. Thinking on what happen Glenn knew now something was not right and they were in real trouble. “Dam! How would they know about phoenix” he mumbles? That was a separate protection system. He thought so I have only my limited administration right, well that will have to do. “what do I say to the others?” he said. He looks up at the ceiling and sighed. As the plate floated by with some food, he took some fruit and wine. He ate thinking on the dilemma of their situation. I will have to tell them the truth as I know it, we are stuck for the long term. We must survive and help others to survive in this world as we know it.

He closed his eyes all the training he had in the Special Forces started to come back to him surviving no matter how bad it got. Even if he must go alone, he will make it. Glenn was sure that the group would hold together. Then there is the issue of the crazy wizard trying to kill them or is him he thought. He fell asleep thinking on all that could be and what is to come.

The next morning, he awoke. He stretches out his arms he felt a lot better after a goodnight sleep, he stood to his feet stretching more. a Plate floated up to him with a warm wash towel one wet and one dry to clean up. After some time washing up, he opened his panel and active his Inquisitors equipment. With a flash he was equipped for the day.

He watches as people got up and got ready for the day as they came together to eat, he knew he had to address them. Standing he looked at everyone. “As you know last night, I tried to active my admen right and activate a program called Phoenix it was a program to be used in the system ever got to dangerous. It would reset all the routers and force system reset as well but giving admen total control like a god. The thing that was different about the Phoenix program it was not stored in the servers. It was in the routers so the system could not touch it, so the AI had no way of knowing it was there.” He paused thinking “So, what or whoever cased this problem is in control now to a point” he said with confidence.

he looks at the ground then with a determined face said. “We are stuck for the long term. We must survive and help others to survive in this world as we know it. I know most of you already assumed this. We will leave this place and travel to a gate city. We need to see if we can find information on the crazy wizard after us. someone must know something no one with that much power could not be unknown to this world. Are we all on the same sheet of music? Do you still wish to fallow me?” He asks the others. “Speak up if you have something to say, say it.” I need to hear your ideas”

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