A night of thievery.

Artimis smiled a bit at the level drop bit. His were still low what he lost, he did not know. But he had already figured out good planning and intelligence was the key to defeating a problem.

Then night before, he found he could still pick many locks, and his run through the maze with the unseen servants was entertaining as the keep trying to grab his butt. He had even managed to win 30 gold in a dice game from them, he had cheated, of course. Playing with servants that can’t see made it helpful.

Artimis use his fork in his left hand and stabbed a bit of his food bringing it to his mouth. After he cheered he said, “I’m in. I am better in the city than out in the wilds.” He started thinking about how he could gather intelligence for the group, He and Miles could go to the rougher parts of town and talk to the beggars and street urchins. They might know if this creature had spies or agents in this town. He did not think they would hold the answers to any big secrets but they may have a piece that they might need.

He looked at Cydel and asked, “I asked your man Friday down stairs if you hand any sheet music or one of those hats of disguise around the place. He said to ask you In the morning and then told me go to bed that it was past my curfew.”

He said this holding one of the romance novels like the servant. He couldn’t read it. He could tell it was the next one in the series of books, because of the pile and it wasn’t creased or dog eared yet. He

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