Taking Command

Looking at everyone in room. Glenn seemed frustrated. “I have two so far who have said something. Look! I am not up here wasting my breath and not for your entertainment.” He said his voice in a commanding tone. “There are ten of us here and two answer? Are you all frightened or speechless? Are lives are on the line and you sit there and say nothing. I have had Privets in the Army say more before a mission.” You all better pull your heads out of your three points of contact and wake up to the reality of this world and what’s in it.” he reaches into a pouch and pulls three long small rectangular boxes that could fit in the palm of his hand. He snatches a platter for one of the unseen servants. He places the rectangular boxes on the platter side by side he they each have a different hue color and runes written on them that change every so often.

Theme Music

Glenn holds the platter with his left hand and moves his right hand over them the runes change to numbers showing a time and four digit date. You wander that this is it is a tool I use in game to track some of the systems the fist is the day the awaking happened second is the network the last is the last big change in the system. They are all different the system is changing and has been modified. So are weird lapses in memory are do the changes. There is so much more going on here and the truth is if you’re not bothered by this I am, and you should be.” Glenn takes the boxes and puts them back in his pouch. Liston, this is not a game anymore this is are survival of all of us.” Glenn pauses thinking. “I don’t think I can be any clearer on this matter. Apologies if I come off as an Ass hole, I just don’t think some of you take this serially and with lives on the line that’s unacceptable.” He looks at everyone in the room. “well now you know where I stand. Now anyone got something to say? Say it now. We leave in one hour.” He takes a step back and crossing his arms waiting.

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