Settling in.

Artimis kept scanning for things that might attack. With Vader, the Orc and Glenn, he felt that things were going to stay clear. So far he had proven that he was not really a fighter. He had been more of snatch and grab thief. Get in, get out, don't be seen or get caught. You didn't level up as fast as killing things. He rode watching the other members of the group as well.

When they setup camp, Artimis helped prepare a meal. It wasn't as fancy as Glenn's magical feast, but it was a nice stew. In the evening he climbed up into an oak tree and hung a hammock in the branches. If something attacked, he could get a good backstab on it as long as it wasn't in the air.

The city was everything that Artimis could hope for. He was glad that he was part of the party that entered and his outlaw flag did not trigger a hostile response from the guards.

As they rode in Artimis' mind started scheming. Wealth, power, women, adventure, and other peoples thing. This wasn't a starting city, it was more. With the cloak and the big sword, Artimis tried to display an air of sophistication and present that he was a Lord in the company of Glenn. As they rode past a couple taverns and markets, Artimis took note of the fashion and listened for accents. He nodded at a couple of the ladies that were out and ignored the workers. That was the role he was playing. Soon he would be around those of his own kind.

In the castle, Artimis was supprized when servants came and took his gear. He unbelted the sword and set it to his room. Grooms and stable help came for the horses. He followed Glenn and the others in and through the halls. After some instructions to the staff, a page came and took Artimis to his quarters. Artimis was not placed high up in the tower. He was above the servants and fighting men and could see over the wall and the country side around them.

The rooms themselves were not gaudy or over done. The suite was made up of multiple rooms, a receiving room that had a few chairs, a fireplace, a couple tables and a couple bookshelves, mostly empty. To the left was a chapel area, that would be a workshop when Artimis got the funds and tools that he needed. It had a large oak table and chairs. Artimis originally thought it to be a meeting room of some kind. To the right was a wardrobe room, with closets and storage. A small bed and table was settled in a cut out for an attendant. Through this room was the master bedroom which hosted fireplace, shared back to back with the receiving room. It also had a tub and a privy. A balcony was off this room with two stone catch basins where rain water funneled off the roofs and gathered. He looked and thought he might be able to climb to the lower roof with a little effort.

The view from the balcony showed the western wall. Artimis thought he might be able to jump to with a little technological assistance. There it would a simple climb down a wall. Not that he tough he needed to do that, but having options was good. He had been thinking of himself as Glenn's man Friday, doing things that Glenn because of his position could not do.

On the bed was a new shirt, pants and soft slippers that were finer fabric than what Artimis was use to. He washed, changed and stood looking out the tower as a maid came into mend his garment and the boy took his armor to be repaired.

He stretched out on the bed and watched out at the other towers and waited for the evening meal. He would talk to Glenn about getting a telescope, a quarterstaff, and some tools. If the chapel could be a workshop as well. He did not want to defile the chapel.

When Dinner came, Artimis had prepared note which his servant handed to another servant who looked at it, then passed it to another servant who did the same, then gave it to the head servant who handed it to Glenn discreetly as he was pouring wine. It was his request for a pardon, a telescope and permission to create a workshop.

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