The Citadel Of North Gate, Dinner

When Dinner came, Artimis had prepared note which his servant handed to another servant who looked at it, then passed it to another servant who did the same, then gave it to the head servant who handed it to Glenn discreetly as he was pouring wine. It was his request for a pardon, a telescope and permission to create a workshop.

"Food, drink, for the Inquisitor and his companions” the robed man ordered. Then, “I am getting your rooms ready for you. We can wait here until they are ready. Then if you wish we will have baths ready and then we would be honored if you would join the Inquisitor at the main dining hall. Now relax sit and let us serve you.”

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Dining Hall

But Glenn didn't seem the least bit relaxed. Instead, he walked over to a large chair and sat down as if brooding.

"What troubles you Inquisitor? You usually take great comfort in luxuries such as these?" Vader said, gesturing to the abundant and varied foods being brought in and the soft cushioned furniture about the room.

“This is just fine for this world” said Glenn. “No, it is other things on my mind” He said.

After listening to Glenn's explanation and finding it wholly uninteresting, "I must find my daughter and Lady De'Lyons. You are familiar with this city. Is there a scary whome I could enlist the services of?"

Glenn thought then look at Vader. “A friend has left us. I am deeply disturbed by this. Blackfar, did not really give a reason, she just said she was leaving and vanished in a black flash of darkness. As for your request I have someone that could help if they are in this world Vader, he will find them I will have Gray he is Forest Wolfkind, he will see you today” said Glenn. Looking at a servant and giving a nod. Looking back at Vader “just have a good description of her and last known location if you have one” He said with confidence.

“Artimis!” he stood to his feet “as for you! then lowers his voice “I can pardon you for ‘using’ of the horse. But you must return it. Release it so it can return to its master. out all the horses you had to borrow a horse from a paladin. We have a lot of war horses here, but I don’t know if you can control or handle one. We will have to see” He said with a mischievous grin. “Report to the stables after breakfast. Abigail, you will show him the way and help him and find space here for a shop near the street.” She bows slightly “yes lord Inquisitor.” Glenn sat down “that’s all that will be said on that matter.”

Glenn looked at everyone at the table “I have been told to see the keeper of the Grate Library here at North Gate. Something is not right there every time a change happens in this world a book will appear a manual of sorts for players. The keeper knows of a change, but no manual appeared. I was hoping to get answers to this Awaking from the Grate Library.” He takes a bite of his food and a sip of his tea. “I thought we would have more answers for you. it appears to be just more questions. But for now, we are safe here at my Citadel. We can work from here looking for answers to are problems” says Glenn.

He sits in thought “Vader I know you are not comfortable here in the Citadel. But there is a place in the back a crypt where the knights and others are laid to rest. You can make a place to stay there only if you promise me not to disrupt their graves you will be given empty crypt rooms to make your own. I think also just to make thing easier on both of us I will name you the crypt guardian. Not that many would question you or me. but less questions would be asked. It would just be an honor if you would do this for me Lord Vader until we find your wife and restore your lands” says Glenn eating some. “If any of you need something just ask me, I will try to help.” He says looking at everyone.

“we will leave for the Grate Library in the morning. I will meet you at the stables are there any questions? most of you have been quiet. Serenity, Horns, Al Ker, Miles, what do you all think? Is there anything you need?” Glenn asks. “Invicta and Vader, I know you don’t sleep but are you comfortable enough to meditate for the night?”

“Al Ker, Serenity, Miles the Grate Library has much to offer you for research and spells you should when you are there see what you can find.”

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