Magic Time

“If any of you need something just ask me, I will try to help.” He says looking at everyone.
“we will leave for the Grate Library in the morning. I will meet you at the stables are there any questions? most of you have been quiet. Serenity, Horns, Al Ker, Nathaniel, Miles, what do you all think? Is there anything you need?” Glenn asks. “Invicta and Vader, I know you don’t sleep but are you comfortable enough to meditate for the night?”
“Al Ker, Serenity, Nathaniel, Miles the Grate Library has much to offer you for research and spells you should when you are there see what you can find.”

Miles looked at the others who seemed to be pondering whatever crossed their minds. He wondered if he was seen as an extra like the guys in red shirts on the original Star Trek series who always got killed in every episode. Of course in his perspective he was the main character and they were the supporting members of his story. As they sat he had wondered why the sexy elven mage left. She told them nothing and just left like dust in the wind. So far he saw one member die and another bail on them. This was a bit concerning especially since they gained two more members. He wondered if any of them would mourn him when he died, not that it would matter since he was a complete stranger to them.

Miles: Cool. I'll check it out in a bit.

As he ponder his options he remembered seeing Glenn get a note earlier. Then Miles took out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a note to Glenn for a private request.

Dear Glenn,
I know it may come in bad taste, especially with everything going on, but if it is possible and available I would like to visit a brothel before I have to face that ubber necromancer again. Ever since I saw that my death was a big possibility I have been crossing off things from my bucket list. Normally I wouldn't ask and go myself but this place is huge and I know I would get lost or end up in a bad part of town. So if it is an acceptable request you can send a servant to me with your answer.

1000 Miles Drunk

After finishing his note he excused himself and left the note on the table before Glenn as he smiled a bit.

Maxx: Just a small request at your discretion.

Miles then left with a servant who guided him to his room. Granted it was a very long walk just like his trip to the bathroom and bathtubs. He could only imagine how they managed to deal with an upset stomach emergency when the bathroom took ten minute to reach. Seeing as the servants were not a talkative bunch he refrained from asking them to many questions. Now granted the whole place felt a lot like a museum to him in that you could look but not touch feeling.

The next morning Miles was startled by a pounding on the door. He was still a bit off as he managed to get wrapped up by his blankets while cuddling a pillow. Miles managed to mumble a few words tot he servant and she reminded him he had an appointment with Glenn. Feeling grouchy Miles then rubbed his sleepy eyes and got up before he tripped on Maxx who was on the floor still. Realizing he needed help he had Maxx help him up so he could get ready. Before leaving the room he unsummoned Maxx and met with the servant who escorted him to see Glenn.


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