Unexpectedly Pleasant

Invicta stood as the door opened, standing perfectly calmly.

"Yes?" Invicta said, no change to his upgraded voice.

Horns stood in the door, a cautious look on his face as if he was dealing with a rampaging animal.

"It sounded like something was broken just now, are you okay?" Horns said, before spotting the nearby hole in the wall. Despite this, Invicta nodded, "Yes, everything is fine."

Horns slowly nodded, feeling something was off but not wanting to bother prying further.

"Well, Glenn is talking to us all, I think you'd want to hear this."

Indict a nodded, before wordlessly following Horns down the stairs and back into the mess hall.

"You're quiet."

"What is there to talk about?"

Horns shrugged and grunted, before taking his seat at the table, his meal having been finished a while ago.

“If any of you need something just ask me, I will try to help.” He says looking at everyone.

“we will leave for the Grate Library in the morning. I will meet you at the stables are there any questions? most of you have been quiet. Serenity, Horns, Al Ker, Nathaniel, Miles, what do you all think? Is there anything you need?” Glenn asks. “Invicta and Vader, I know you don’t sleep but are you comfortable enough to meditate for the night?”

“Al Ker, Serenity, Nathaniel, Miles the Grate Library has much to offer you for research and spells you should when you are there see what you can find.”

The drunken monk responded first, and the others soon followed suit.

"I will be fine, I have already picked out a room," Invicta said, notably much more levelheaded than before. As suspicious as Horns was, he decided he would ask no further questions.

"I have eaten, once I have bathed I will have a room picked out for me. Thank you for the hospitality, though."

That was that. The day was ending and the players were beginning to vacate to their respective sleeping quarters or wherever they intended to spend the night.

Indict a stood, planning to return to his room, but he was stopped by the same rosy-cheeked woman from before.

"Lord Invicta, pardon me, I simply wanted to apologize for my-"

Invicta raised a single finger.

"No, I believe I was out of place earlier, and I apologize for the outburst. I was at my wit's end then but I have since regained my composure. It will not happen again."

The servant woman nodded somewhat puzzled by but delighted nonetheless.

"My, I had been led to believe that types such as yours were capable of undergoing such stress,"

Invicta nodded, "You'd be surprised at what I am capable of."

The woman's complexion went even redder as she was taken aback by the Warforged utterly altered attitude.

"Well, I do believe I will be retiring for tonight, I appreciate the conversation...Miss... "

"Oh! It's Amelia."

"Miss Amelia? Of course, I won't forget that. Well, Miss Amelia, I will see you again tomorrow?"

The woman smiled and nodded, before stepping aside and allowing Invicta to return to his room. Horns simply sighed, not bothering to care anymore about anything else this night. He made his way to the baths, and soon after that experience and having been cleansed of all his rugged filth, returned to his room where he went to sleep.

Horns awoke the next day well-rested, more so than any of his previous nights in this VR nightmare, and went to the stables where Glenn had told everyone to gather. He not many had gathered here just yet though, and he figured he had finally awoken earlier than most others.

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