The evening - revised

Artimis sat back in his chair at Glenn’s declaration and lamented the statement. He had stolen that horse fairly and even craftily. He even owed the horse his life. There was a debt of honor to be repaid. This was no ordinary horse.

When Glenn spoke to Abbigail, he looked up the table from his end. Abbigail was a servant to Glenn, but not one of the wait staff she wore a modesty veil. Which meant that she was either very religions, that she was of a minor noble status here being trained for a good husband, or this just the current fashion of the city. Her voice was melodic to his ear. He thought he should know her, but he was at a loss. He kept glancing down the table at her. If the the horse was here, two rear hoofs should have propelled him down the table so he could talk to her. After the meal, he caught her in the hall.

Not sure how to address her he fumbled but made a flourished bow, “Miss, I was wondering if we could look for a workshop space yet this evening?” He said pausing he said, “I have a couple things I would like to construct.” He smiled very charmingly at her. She sighed and handed off a basket with books and papers in it.
She waved to a boy who must have been a page and said, “Please go and fetch the lower level keys from the Lord Manager and meet us down on the north wall hall way. If he has questions tell him I am acting on the Lord Inquisitor’s orders.”
The lad nodded and said a “Yes, my Lady.”

She picked up a small lantern and with a wave of a hand brought to a glow. As they walked past the dining hall she spoke to Lord Vader, “My Lord, we are heading down towards your rooms, would you honor me with your company?” It way gentle way of having someone protect her honor, and she member how Lord Vader had acted honorably in the past which was interesting coming from one of his kind. If not, she would have a guard come with them.

As they headed down, Artimis tried to make small talk. She laughed a couple time but then regained her composure. She didn’t talk to him directly. But she also would steal glances and blushed easily.

When they arrived down at the main level they made their way out to the main building along the outer wall of the building was the citadel crafts shop. The first space they went to was a midsize smithy. It was in good shape and clean. Too clean in Artimis’ mind. If there was need, he would need to give up the space o allow me to prepare weapons and armor for battle. The second was an alchemist lab. The poor Alchemist had come to an accident that rocked the buildings. There was dangerous stuff still there. The third spot was a tinkers shop. It had bits and pieces of stuff. A small forge was in the workspace with a small store front. It was back down the alley and tended to be in shadow. “This was the workspace of the Master Locksmith.” She announced. He nodded, this was the space.

Lady Abigale nodded to the lad who took a key from a second key ring and handed it to him. She then took Lord Vader to his rooms, thanking him.

Shortly after Artimis got into the workshop, a page came running for him. He burst in with out knocking and said, “The Lord Inquisitor summons you now. Come with me,”

Artimis set the stuff down and headed to find out what task he was being called to.

Artimis did something unusual, he bowed slightly and said, “How may I be of service?”

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