Home sweet- DIE DEVIL SPAWN!

"What troubles you Inquisitor? You usually take great comfort in luxuries such as these?" Vader said, gesturing to the abundant and varied foods being brought in and the soft cushioned furniture about the room.

“This is just fine for this world,” said Glenn. Then, after a brief pause, “No, it is other things on my mind."

A bit cryptic, but not quite worth the effort to bother prying.

"I must find my daughter and Lady De'Lyons. You are familiar with this city. Is there a scry whome I could enlist the services of?" he asked, making no effort to disguise his disinterest.

Glenn appeared lost in thought for a moment; his eyes staring off into nothingness.

"Inquisitor?" Vader prodded.

Glenn's eyes shifted back to the world around him and he looked up at the Dread Knight for the first time.

“A friend has left us. I am deeply disturbed by this. Blackfar, did not really give a reason, she just said she was leaving and vanished in a black flash of darkness," he finally said.

"I... was not aware. She saved my unlife once. ...So I too shall miss her," Vader replied.

It wasn't much. But it was quite literally all Vader was capable of. Hopefully, Glenn understood that.

"As for your request, I have someone that could help if they are in this world Vader. He will find them. I will have Gray, he is Forest Wolfkind, he will see you today,” said Glenn.

Glenn nodded to a servant, who immediately turned and left.

"Just have a good description of her and last known location if you have one,” Glenn said with confidence.

He then stood and barked,“Artimis!”

Obviously the conversation had ended. Vader left the grieving man to deal with his heart ache in whatever manner he saw fit.

Eventually Glenn returned to address everyone as a whole, “I have been told to see the keeper of the Great Library here at North Gate. Something is not right there. Every time a change happens in this world a book will appear, a manual of sorts for players. The keeper knows of a change, but no manual appeared. I was hoping to get answers to this Awaking from the Great Library.”

He took a bite of his food and a sip of his tea. The length with which mortals took to consume their food was insufferable. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally set his tea cup down and continued.

“I thought we would have more answers for you. It appears to be just more questions. But for now, we are safe here at my Citadel. We can work from here, looking for answers to our problems," he said.

Then, after sitting in thought and eating for yet another eternity, “Vader, I know you are not comfortable here in the Citadel. But there is a place in the back; a crypt where the knights and others are laid to rest. You can make a place to stay there only if you promise me not to disrupt their graves. You will be given empty crypt rooms to make your own. I think also just to make thing easier on both of us I will name you the Crypt Guardian. Not that many would question you or me but less questions would be asked. It would just be an honor if you would do this for me Lord Vader until we find your wife and restore your lands."

"Inquisitor, you know I abhor these titles you insist on trying to give me. However, I will accept your offer. There is also a servant wench who will be taking my armor to the blacksmith. Please make sure she knows where to find me," Vader replied.

Just as he was about to leave, yet another wench approached him.

"My Lord, we are heading down towards your rooms. Would you honor me with your company?” she asked with a wink.

Vader's eyes went wide. Had he missed something? What was wrong with these people?

"...So long as we are headed in the same direction," he replied flatly.

And so, with the girl lingering entirely too close for comfort, Vader then left the hall. In truth, he had no need of a guide. He could sense the bodies of the deceased. Like a compass pointing unerringly north, he made his way towards the entrance to the crypts. Artimis too, seemed to be going their way. After depositing the the ever annoying thief at some workshop along the way, she then insisted on accompanying him the rest of his way. Her delicate fingers lingered on his vambrace as they approached the entrance.

"What's that I sense...," he said, stopping and staring down into what mortal eyes would only recognize as impenetrable darkness.

"Do tell me, my lord. What is it that you sense?" she asked suggestively.

Somewhere down there were undead.

"I... must go, Lady Abigale. Please excuse me," he said.

"Very well, Lord Vader. Good evening," she finally said, though she lingered for several moments before finally leaving.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Vader began removing his armor. He retained only his helm and ash-black gamison, and left the rest at the entrance for the first wench to retrieve. And then, sword at the ready, he dissapeared into the depths of the crypts. The stone walls were lined with row of recesses, each one housing the casket of a dead warrior. Every so often, a side passage would open up, leading to the tomb of some greater warrior.

The first level was relatively clean and well kept. Someone had recently come in and swept and there were no signs of vermin or other carrion eaters. As he decended deeper and deeper however, stone coffins gave way to oak and then rough cut, dilapidated pine boxes. As he ventured still deeper, he lost count of which level he was on. The air became cold and wet and water could be heard dripping in the distant darkness.

Then he heard the crackling of bones and shuffling of feet.

"Show yourself," Vader commanded.

Out from a side passage stepped a lone skeleton, dragging a rusted long-sword.

Vader cocked his head, "You're what I sensed?"

The skeleton stared back at him with equal puzzlement. Vader just shrugged, sheathed his Power Sword, and walked past it. And the skeleton made no move to attack him. Rather, it began following.

"Just what are you doing?" he asked it.

But as to be expected from such a low level undead creature, it had no way of answering him. He could only sense that it's intent was not hostile. So he shrugged again and kept on moving.

He left the stone and morter crypts behind and ventured down a roughly cut stairwell, into a cavern that was obviously not man made. And he followed the path that ran down it for so long that he was sure he'd traveled beyond the outermost wall of the city, at which time he came to a great bottomless cavern with a single rock spire in the center. Atop that spire rested an ancient looking stone cottage. A rope-and-plank bridge spanned the hundred foot distance to it. Though dilapidated looking, it seemed the bridge could easily support Vader's weight as he walked across it.

"Stay," Vader ordered and the skeleton stopped just short of the bridge and remained there.

As he got closer, he could see a tiny yellow square on the outside of the cottage's heavy oaken door. Upon closer inspection, it was a sticky note which read:


"Hm... well played, Inquisitor," Vader said, tossing the note into the abyss.

The door creaked as he opened it. Stepping inside, two things were immediately apparent. The first was that this home had once belonged to a witch; the assortment of demonic spell books, dried herbs, and a giant black cauldron made that abundantly obvious. The second was that the witch had summoned some sort of lesser deamon which had killed her; the fact that it was still there made that much obvious.

5 minutes later

The demonic creature screamed horrific obscenities in its guttural language and slashed at Vader's arm as he carried it outside, his hand wrapped tightly around it's leathery throat. And he unceremoniously tossed it down into the abyss along with an arm full of junk and the witch's desiccated remains.

Across the bridge, the skeleton stared back at him.

"Okay, come on," he said, motioning with his arm. "Just stay off the furniture."

The next morning

The next morning, after a long walk back to the surface, Vader found his armor and cape neatly piled outside the entrance to the crypts. The repairs seemed to be quality work and the missing pieces had been replaced. They were accompanied by a note with 'XOXOXO' scrawled across the bottom, which he immediately discarded without reading.

Clad in his freshly repaired armor, he strode to the stables to meet with Glenn, about the Wolfkin tracker he'd promised.

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