The start of an Adventure and Loss

After finishing his note, he excused himself and left the note on the table before Glenn as he smiled a bit.

“Just a small request at your discretion” said Miles
Glenn sat as another note was passed, he seemed frustrated by it. He stood to his feet the servants around him seem anxious by his action. He looked at the table in thought then said “Wait Miles! All of you can we not speak freely at my table? I would hope you know you can speak freely to me or in this place with no judgement. I understand in some personal madders should be spoken in private.” He sat back down and smiled. “Now that I said that any other request?” as he unfolded the parchment and read it
Dear Glenn,

I know it may come in bad taste, especially with everything going on, but if it is possible and available, I would like to visit a brothel before I have to face that ubber necromancer again. Ever since I saw that my death was a big possibility, I have been crossing off things from my bucket list. Normally I wouldn't ask and go myself, but this place is huge, and I know I would get lost or end up in a bad part of town. So, if it is an acceptable request you can send a servant to me with your answer.
Thanks Miles

Folding the parchment and put it in his pocket.
Serenity flew across the room and landed in Glenns lap tuning into a gray striped cat. She purred and nudged his hand with her nose. Glenn looked down and chuckled “OK, Serenity thanks. There is a plush garden attached to here for relaxing and meditation. I am sure you will find it to your liking.” Looking up at the servants “and I know that no one will bother you.” he said as the servants nod in reply. “Also, there is someone you should peak to Old ben he is a Treant, you will find him near the center. Don’t believe all of stories but he is full of druid knowledge.” Said Glenn. He started to pet the cat as he continued eating.

As people finished dinner and went their different ways. He started to talk to the servants and others finding out what was new and giving orders for them. After the table was cleared, he walked back to this office with some servants in tow. He looks back at one of the Pages get Arimis for me” he said before walking through the door. It was sometime later there was a knock at the door “Enter!” Glenn said loudly.

Artimis did something unusual, he bowed slightly and said, “How may I be of service?” Glenn smiled “close the door take a seat.” He asked Artimis. “first, I respect or manners here, but you do not need to bow to me. In the morning there will be a squire here to get the horse you borrowed. I knew from the beginning it was not yours. It was a Paladins war horse and I knew his sect. I have taken care of it and it will be gone tomorrow” said Glenn. He sits back in his chair. “As I said before when you go to the stables you will pick a horse there, not mine, Abby will help you. also, I need you to be my representative in the local guild this was not a problem before the Awaking and now it is. I put the word out that you are Inquisitors or the Citadels representative.” Glenn said with a smile. Taking some parchment of the table. he looked back at Artmis. “I know I did not ask you before about this, but you would have to be a part of the guild anyways to operate here in the town the guilds name is Stillness.” He read some of the parchment. Looking up at Artmims saying “got any questions? O ya be careful with the servants here don’t do anything like theft that would put me in a bad position. Glenn listened to what Artimis had to say. They talked a bit more and Artimis left.

Later that night there was another knock at the door a servant with a letter. “What is this?” asked Glenn. The servant looked at Glenn “it is letters from lord Nathaniel and Al Ker. It was short and to the point they were leaving and going to their old groups that needed there help. Glenn just sighed “they will be missed.

The next morning Glenn met everyone at the stables. “Let me start off by saying some of us left last night to help others in this time. I hope you all got some rest.” He looked at Vader Clad in his freshly repaired armor. “Nice armor Vader” then turned and motioned for some one to come in a wolfen, around 6'5" in height, and muscular. He is wearing some Patches of leather armor with a black cloak. his gray and white fur could be seen. He wears little in the way of clothing, He also has clawed hands and feet, as well as sharp teeth. With two nice looking short swords at his waist.

“This is gray my chief scout and hunter. Gray this is Lord Vader he has a request for you. I will leave you to talk things out.” said Glenn.

“Miles, I an working on your request you will be able to go to night I think.” Says Glenn

Glenn tells the others get ready soon we head out to the Grate Library.

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