New horse

[i]Artimis did something unusual, he bowed slightly and said, “How may I be of service?” Glenn smiled “close the door take a seat.” He asked Artimis. “first, I respect or manners here, but you do not need to bow to me. In the morning there will be a squire here to get the horse you borrowed. I knew from the beginning it was not yours. It was a Paladins war horse and I knew his sect. I have taken care of it and it will be gone tomorrow” said Glenn. He sits back in his chair. “As I said before when you go to the stables you will pick a horse there, not mine, Abby will help you. also, I need you to be my representative in the local guild this was not a problem before the Awaking and now it is. I put the word out that you are Inquisitors or the Citadels representative.” Glenn said with a smile. Taking some parchment of the table. he looked back at Artmis. “I know I did not ask you before about this, but you would have to be a part of the guild anyways to operate here in the town the guilds name is Stillness.” He read some of the parchment. Looking up at Artmims saying “got any questions? O ya be careful with the servants here don’t do anything like theft that would put me in a bad position. Glenn listened to what Artimis had to say. They talked a bit more and Artimis left.[\i]

Artimis smiled at Glenn, he missed the fact that Artimis wasn’t being completely serious as he bowed. He would continue the practice because he did not want the servants to start showing disrespect. Maybe with a little more respect. He smiled at that, mocking the social order structure by following the social order. Perfect.

“Stillness,” Artimis said contemplating. Thieves guilds were rarely still nor were they rule followers. “You know I will have to do something to get their attention and earn their ‘respect’,” having a writ going to visit cut throats, forgers, assassins and thieves made him a mark or a spy. Well, his coin purse told him he wasn’t a mark and he was Glenn’s spy. Thieve Guilds, Like Artimis, they tended to thumb their nose at the authorities and the rules that did not make sense. Even worse they tended to “remove” problems in fairly drastic measures.

His mind started working on his alternate identity. The one that would let him work more freely and not have it fall back on Glenn.

He smiled for a moment then said to Glenn, “I ask three favors. The first is might I have an advance to help smooth this transition? The second is could my charm be restored for the cat, so I could come and go without much attention. The third is permission to talk to your staff to understand any political rivals or agents I should be aware of?” He needed a target, before meeting the guild.

He removed the necklace and placed it on the desk. As he stood to leave he said, “I give you my word if anyone moves against you, or your people I will make them pay.” If any went after Abby or any of the women of the keep, he would probably kill them or feed them to Vader.

He withdrew to find Abby passing by with her sister. With some awkwardness he managed to ask if she could find him two large blank books, some ink and quills, writing charcoals, and a messenger bag for in the morning. He walked with them and talked with them focusing most of his attention on Abby. After leaving them to their tasks, Artimis caught a page passing by to get him back to his rooms.

Artimis slept well. In the morning, he woke, dressed in his full armor and his important gear and headed down to the morning meal. He moved himself up the table to sit across from Abby. The bag arrived with the items and he then walked with Abby and her sister to the stable.

Artimis introduced Abby to the wonder horse and fed it part of an apple. “I’m sad to let you go.” The horse snorted. Abby placed a hand on it and closed her eyes, “It a mages familiar,” she said with a start. “Your lucky the mage didn’t kill you,” she continued. Artimis fed the rest of the apple as a familiar squire came to retrieve the horse. “My Ladies,” he said bowing to the women. “I’ve come for my master horse.” He scowled at Artimis and said, “Your master has paid the debt and saved your honor. If I had my way, I would have run you threw with a sword.” Artimis handed over the reigns and bowed. “Let me know when you are back in town and we will do lunch.” He said.

The squire made a rude comment and Artimis said back, “I was talking to the horse.” Who nodded his head.

The trio walked down the stalls, till Abby stopped and opened the top gate. “This one,” she said. It pushed its head at The Apple hidden in his pocket. The horse was saddled for Artimis with a saddle blanket with Glenn’s colors on its back. Artimis did not really remember picking the horse, just that Abby liked it.

He waited for the others to arr

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