Hardcover the Librarian and The Grat Library

Gray looks at Vader “I have all the information I need Lord Vader. I will tell you this, the task you ask of me could take a week or month I don’t know but I will not fail lord Vader.” He said bowing. Gray turns and walks off with a servant giving some orders.

After Vader completes his business with gray Glenn mounts his horse. He looks back at everyone “mount up! let get going a lot to do, I think. Let’s hope we get some answers today” said Glenn. As the Party rides out on to the street the commoners stay clear of the party as the ride some even dash in doors as Vader rides by. It does not take long to realize that out of the population only about 10 percent are Adventurers with Vader being in his own class. The noise from the horse’s hooves on the cabal stone echo as the party moves thought the streets. Some of the people stop and bow some to the party others just try to stay out of the way the City guard moved to one side bowing making a fist then putting it over there heart. The ride was only five minutes when you arrive at the library.

The building was truly large made of white stone. Several servants come out to greet you. one of them walks up to Glenn. “Inquisitor we were waiting for you. we are to take you to are Master you. Fallow us you my put your steeds over here. being able put your mounts in a small stable on the side. The servants lead the party into the building. Walking through a hall you go down some starts walking through some doors it opens into a Large Room. The first thing you see in the middle of the floor is a glowing ball of magic light swirling around. The smell of old books and dust but the place looks clean. A man stands by the magic ball of light and turns as the party enters; he takes a few steps towards the Party. Then stops bowing he says, “Lord Inquisitor, and Lord’s and Lady’s, I am honored to have you here at my library. I am Hardcover or that’s what people call me” He straitens and walks up to the party. “I here you were looking for Information Lord Inquisitor, pleas fallow me.” He walks to where the ball of swirling magic light stands. Hardcover stops and turns to the party. This is the ball of knowledge. It is a tool I can use to learn thing of this world. I use it to help Adventures to navigate this world I am one of the keepers of knowledge and books for Adventures” He says.


He turns to the ball of light and moves his hands as the Ball projects a map of the world. “Here is the problem and the change from the update. I normally get information on all updates but not this one. The world as we know it had grown” he point to the North Gate City are old map started here” then moving his finger down and use to stop at the Barrier Mounts” He said wisely. He expands the map as you can see it is a lot bigger now. I have done my research, and this is every past land and government we have had now all at wants. Even the one that had fallen over time are now alive once more” He pauses turning to the party. “Most everything is the same just on another scale and now all NPC are intelligent. I was always an AI but know it’s more like living, I even bleed.” He said complexed. “Lord Inquisitor, you sent a messenger with questions. Well Lord, I have no answers for you” He said. The Librarian turns to Vader. “I am not sure what happen to you the same happened to me and have no idea why. I was to be a back up to this world to help if and Inquisitor or others was not present” He said to Vader. “But I would say you are even more real than I” he said. Hardcover looked Vader over “but I do have a theory. The world tried to bring you back, but you were already alive well sort of. So, your old and new merged. Much like the Players and their avatars, well that’s my theory anyways” He told Vader.

“I have made maps for you all with some information on them.” Hardcover hands everyone a map. “as per your instructions Lord Inquisitor.” He says to Glenn. looking at the maps Glenn says, “Good work thank you.” Glenn turns to the others and said, “We know how to play in this world, but we don’t know how to live in it.” he looks at everyone there pauses. “We have a lot to posses here and I am not sure where to start. I thought this would be hard, but this is unthinkable who would do this to people?” He said more like asking himself. He looks at Hardcover. “what do you know about Death?”

Hardcover turned to the ball and moved his hands. “OK, now everyone’s story is written. Some of it is stored here. So, when you return or respond you can have the same knowledge. But now it has changed. As an Adventure dies his story fades all the books on him vanish and he fades from memory never to return. NO respond no going back and starting at the last city you were at. You just fade away” Hardcover says. Turning to the ball “but the Inquisitor did discover something. If he can resurrect an Adventure within five minutes of his death, he can bring him back to life. I think the same for people of this world, But I don’t want to test that.” He said to the group. Hardcover sighs “I know we think we know this world or use to but know I am not so sure. There is a lot of knowledge here in these books you all can study anything you need in any area. Because you work with the Inquisitor, I give you free access to this place. The books don’t leave this place and don’t try taking them. The last guy that tried that turned to ash. Vary messy.” Hardcover warns.

Glenn looked at the ball of light in thought shakes his head. “Any of you have questions now is the time to ask.” Said Glenn to the Party.

OCC-If you have questions ask. Next post will start are quest.

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