Phantasmal Librarians.

Artimis listened thinking about books he would like to borrow, till the part about being turned to ash came out. This might be a standard librarian lie, but there were things that he did not want to test. If there were things he wanted to have a copy of he was fairly sure that Glenn's authority and order could get that done. Abigail had cast a light spell and maybe she could cast a spell to copy the text from one page to another. He would need to ask Glenn if he could borrow her, for copying books of course.

Artimis' mind did what all good engineering minds do, it went to trying to order things. "Master Hardcore, what is the organizational system of the library?" Artimis asked. Finding things was the first step of using a library. "and is it possible to get a study nook?" He hated having to put things away to get them out the next day.

He just about fell over bumping into a table and chairs as a young lady in a short skirt and a silky top came walking past with a cart with books. He was hoping she was the card catalog. Sadly, she did not even pay attention to him paying attention to her. He thought about it for a moment, there were probably more than enough wealthy men hitting on her. As she passed through a bookshelf, he quickly caught back up to the group. Phantasmal librarians!

There were knowledge skills he wanted to learn. Mundane stuff you learned in chemistry - how to make a violent chemical reaction that produced smoke and heat, what type of plants could be used to make sleep poisons, and there were the basic engineering things like building better traps and locks. There were building designs to look at and a hundred other things to think about.

There were the craft skills he would need to learn. He was still a fairly low level thief. There were still things he needed to learn if he was going to be of any real use. Wits and luck only get you so far.

Finally the Martial skills. He wondered if Lord Vader, Glenn, or Horns would teach him how to use the great sword he had taken from the inn. Knowing how to use different types of weapons was always a helpful skill. Looking like you know what your doing was sometimes good enough.

As they moved along with the Librarian, Artimis had the feeling that they were being watched. It made the hair on his neck crawl and made him move his hand up to the hilt of the dagger in his sleeve.

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