Kill the Inquisitor

He watched as Vader and Artimis walk by across the top of the stairways and out a side door Glenn wondered if Artimis made Vader mad. Walking he started for the staircases he could feel the Owls talons grip his shoulder as he walked, he looked over to the Great Horned Owl “Serenity, know you don’t always have to be an animal all the time, your not bad looking” said Glenn walking. Looking at some books off to the side Invicta glanced over at Glenn and Serenity as they walked by giving a nod to the two.

Glenn gave a nod back continuing on his way. After two or three steps past Invicta. Glenn heard a book hit the ground he turned his head back that way. Two men dressed in the Library workers clothing were running at Glenn with short swords. Glenn continued to turn then saw three others coming from the others side as a screech from Serenity as she leaps into the air with a flap of her wings.

He moves so fast that Glenn could almost not track his movements as Invicta pulled out something that looked a twin blade dagger. as he thrusted it forward towards one of the attackers it grew to be a spear in a flash. With one thrust the spear into his back. It pierced the man going right though him with part of the blade sting out of his chest. Blood sprayed from him and he fell to the ground dead. Still moving Invicta pulling the spear out and spinning impaled the second man with the back blade of the spear. Blood gushed down the front of the man as his eyes widened knowing he was going to die two.

Still turning Glenn. Faced the three coming at him without warning Glenn moved forward. The surprise allowed him to use his forearm to deflect the thrust of the mans short sword. Grabbing the weapon arm with left at the wrist with his other hand to crush the man’s throat. Moving his armored body in to the attacker’s body throwing him some 10 feet into a table. There was a loud crash as the table broke. The two men stopped just short of Glenn. One of them thrusted with his short sword as a distraction. The other trayed to stab Glenn in the side. Glenn saw that coming all the years of combat had come back to him from the real world. The sword glanced off his plate armor as he twisted to the side. Grabbing the man’s wrist with his left hand and stepping forward he twisted the man’s arm. Glenn kicked into the side of the mans knee a snap sound could be heard as the man’s leg collapse the man screams in pain. Fallowing through Glenn brought his arm down on to the man’s arm breaking it too. Using his leg Glenn brought it up hitting the man in the ribs sending him off to the side. Glenn dropped back into a fighting stance. Waiting on the last guy.

Outside as Vader was giving a lesson to Artimis. Abruptly Artimis lost focus Vader could tell something got his attention. Then Vader felt it to as two come from the bushes running at the armed with short swords in each hand the reflection of light off the short swords Artimis knew

OCC- the guys are not the best. They have good skills for NPCs. Miles you here a scream (the girl) and the one comes at you. Serenity your move and others.

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