Prayer Is In Session

Seeing as Miles was done for the day he headed back to see Glenn and the others. Along the way he could feel he was being watched and glanced to see April watching him from between the books behind a shelf. This both scared and excited him at the same time as he played like he didn't see her. He wondered if she was going to stalk him later on so he played it cool as he kept walking. Eventually he found a chair to wait at while the others were doing their thing.

Still turning Glenn. Faced the three coming at him without warning Glenn moved forward. The surprise allowed him to use his forearm to deflect the thrust of the mans short sword. Grabbing the weapon arm with left at the wrist with his other hand to crush the man’s throat. Moving his armored body in to the attacker’s body throwing him some 10 feet into a table. There was a loud crash as the table broke.

The loud crash of the broken table practically alerted everyone in the Library as they stopped what they were doing and turned to see what was going on. Miles looked up to see where the loud crash came from but was not in a good position to see what had happen. It was most likely due to some book shelves being in the way that blocked his keen vision. Then Miles heard a girl's scream from the direction of the female Librarian named April was last at. As Miles looked over he saw a male librarian holding poor April as a hostage as another male librarian charged at him with a sword.

Miles had little time to prepare as he was quickly attacked by the male librarian with a sword. Being dressed in a simple mage robe gave them the impression Miles was a mage with little to no close combat skills, however that was done on purpose to give Miles an edge over ambushes. As the male librarian attacked Miles with a downward slash towards his head, Miles side stepped to the right and gave a left hook punch to the face of the librarian with enough force to break his jaw right before his head was frozen in ice from his Silver Dragon gauntlet. The impact set the male librarian a foot up in the air as Miles spun around with a nasty spinning hook kick to the stomach.

The kick cracked a few ribs before the electrical shock from his Blue Dragon Boots paralyzed his body. The incapacitated attacker flew a good four feet before hitting the stone floor with several thuds. This freaked out the other male librarian who was holding April hostage with a knife to her throat.

Attacker: Come any closer and I'll slit her throat.

April: Save yourself Master Miles. Don't worry about me.

Miles: Its cool man. Relax.

Miles put his hands up so his hands were in front of his face like he was surrendering. This made the attacker feel more confident as he chuckled a bit. Poor April was scared as she looked at Miles who was as calm as a cucumber.

Miles: Don't worry ma'am. Everything is going to be alright.

Attacker: Yeah sure hero.

Librarian April: You promise?

Miles: Of course. Why would I lie to a beauty like you?

April looked like she had a glimmer of hope in her eye as she felt the knife near her throat. The attacker was in a panic as he needed to do something but couldn't figure out hw to do it.

Miles: Mind telling me what you want?

Attacker: Huh?

Miles: Well you have a hostage and usually you would tell me your demands so I can free her.

Attacker: Huh? Oh yeah. I need you come with me.

Miles: Okay but where? There are guards all around. How do you expect to escape so easily?

Attacker: Just surrender and come with me!

Miles smiled as he slowly stepped foward. The attacker then panicked as he pointd his knife at Miles.

Attacker: Stop right there! No tricks! I saw what you did to him.

Miles: Well how can I be your hostage if I am over here?

Attacker: Ummm…..uhh….then strip!

Miles dropped his jaw by the command he just heard as he was surprised by it. Oddly enough April turned beet red as she seemed to be having dirty thoughts for an NPC. The attacker didn't realize what he said as he was stressed out and pointing his knife at Miles direction.

Attacker: Strip NOW!

Miles: Okay okay! Just one question thought.

Attacker: What is it?!

Miles: Ever pick up your teeth with broken fingers?

Attacker: WHAT????!!

Miles smiled as he nodded, however this confused both April and the attacker since Miles was to relaxed for the situation. Suddenly Maxx came out of camouflage mode and used his front hoof to punch the attacker in the face very hard. April quickly ran to Miles as Maxx then stepped on the attackers hands and feet to break them. Miles smiled at Maxx.

Miles: Good girl Maxy.

Maxx snorted steam as she looked at Miles. April was scared as she hid behind Miles. She was hugging him from behind and pressing her large marshmallows firmly against his back. Miles had to bite his tongue to keep from being in appropriate at the moment.

Miles: Are you okay miss?

April then moved to hug Miles from the front as she was scared. Her body trembled as she held Miles like a security blanket. Seeing as she was going let go anytime soon Miles looked around and saw many people were making noise everywhere. He looked at Maxx.

Miles: Maxy don't let them escape.

Miles then saw a nearby wall with several small rooms for private study. Figuring the mood was good enough he took the emotional Librarian April into the private room for some privacy. Maxx seemed annoyed as Miles gave into temptation. It wasn't long before April was praying to God in the not so biblical sense of the word. Luckily Miles put up a spell to sound proof the room while consoling the poor female librarian in her time of distress. Maxx just shook her head she kept watch over the two attackers. The one with ice on his head eventually died from suffocation while the one Maxx took down was out cold and badly wounded. Sadly Miles and Librarian April had to end their end their prayer session when Maxx warned him the other players were looking for him.

Tag (Poor Miles will be annoyed he was interupted)

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