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Artimis was already starting to feel his arm getting tired with the Great Sword during the practice. It felt to him like he was swinging wildly then Lord Vader would make a little move and then his sword would come like a baseball bat into Artimis’ head, chest, or leg. He was kind enough to use the flat of the blade, but it still hurt. As this happened Artimis started to figure our how to use his sword to block and parry. The thief started to think Lord Vader was enjoying beating him. As the practice continued, Artimis started to dance back from the blow. There was a comment about recently dead thing fight better than Artimis did.

The struggle for Artimis was two fold. The first was that he wanted to let the tip of his sword drop because of the weight. The second was you could see what he was going to do as he started to move. If he had Vader's strength, it would not matter. If you hit something hard enough arms, swords, shields, heads and other things moved too.

Artimis learned quickly to keep his opponent in front of him and not to make such large swipes with the sword. A large sword could parry a smaller blade driving it out of the way.

At the first flash of light off of the NPC's swords, Artimis held up a hand and fell back out of Vader's sword range.

"Company," Artimis said letting Vader know there were others coming after them. Artimis knew that this wasn't practice, this was something worse. Vader would crush his opponent, Artimis needed to survive his.

One of the best things that Vader had taught Artimis was not to get distracted by the talking and taunting of ones opponent. There was only one thing that was important. Defeating the enemy.

Artimis moved drawing one of the attackers with him. A short swords were weapons of speed, meant more to thrust and slash. The great sword was a counter to that. The sword was meant to crush, dent, and break while keeping your opponent back.

Artimis moved the blade to a low left guard to draw the opponent coming at him to move more towards Artimis' right side with would allow him to use a little more strength when the time came. His attacker had been watching Artimis and Vader practice and move to exploit the weaknesses that Artimis had in his technique. This meant getting in quick and close, limiting Artimis' ability to swing the sword. That is why people use sword and shield, you could shove your opponent backwards.

Artimis' arms felt like jelly already so he focused mostly on conserving his upper body strength. That meant using low guards at the moment and using his feet.

Artimis heard Vader engage and the raw power, but kept his eyes on his opponent.

His opponent's plan was simple, let Artimis tire himself out. It was a logical plan if Artimis was a traditional fighter. Artimis let the man attack using the sword to block and giving a little ground. He used the Iron Wall defense bringing his sword up then beating the other mans sword down and shifting the direction to aim for the man's leg. Artimis made contact a couple time making the man back up. Artimis kept practicing what Vader had been teaching him. The attacker's sword hit his armor and caught his arm. But Artimis kept blocking and moving.

As Artimis was tired he moved to an upper right guard, his opponent moved to counter by moving to the right to reduce the power of the blow and moved in. Artimis changed the position to a upper center guard swiping the mans blade to the left and spun right pulling the sword into a high diagonal slash. His opponent moved his sword up to try to block the blade as his left hand moved at Artimis' exposed left side. A dagger caught in the seam of his armor, not deep but deep enough to cause pain and draw blood. With his momentum, He slashed letting out a primal scream and swinging through his opponent. Using his momentum, the rage of battle, and the pain to drive the weapon. True to Artimis' ability, he missed the blade and caught the wrist because they both were moving forward. The slash cut through the sword arm and hit across the chest crumbling his foe into a bleeding heap. Artimis dropped the sword and grabbed for his side.

Artmis pulled the dagger out his armor. The dagger had a groove along the cutting edge and a vial in the handle. The Vial had been broken but the poison had not made it far enough down the blade to be absorbed into Artimis' body only running down his armor.

"You stinking try to poison me," Artimis said. He grabbed hair and dragged to make sure there was no other major weapons. Then dropped himself into a seated position on his opponent's back and grabbed the arm stump and started wrapping cloth around the arm to stop the blood flow. "Just for that, I'm going to make sure you live long enough to face the Inquisitor's justice," he said nearly spitting the words out. He stayed in that position waiting and catching his breath. He wanted to fall over.

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