Through The Looking Glass

For the next six hours. As Miles drank along with the ladies, they were the ones who ended up tipsy and easily gave into Miles's naughty requests. Since he was really pent up, he took a power up potion to increase his stamina and conquered his four escorts for over an hour. They played along and he could tell they were not there to steal or take advantage of him unless he wanted them to and two of them were into one another as much as him. They would leave a deep impression on him. Miles could tell they were well skilled and well worth the money. The room was nice there was a lot of food and drink all that you would need.

After six intense hours of physical bonding with the four escorts. Miles put his pants back on and smirked as he looked at the four sleeping women together on the bed under the blanket. They were all worn out and he still had energy to spare. Being a half copper dragon gave him an edge in that department. Even though he looked like a simple human mage he hid his background on purpose. He was also a monk and half dragon which usually tipped the scales in his favor during combat. Not to mention his real life training as a champion in martial arts back in the real world. He then picked up his mage robe and put it in his inventory since he was in the mood to stay shirtless for the moment. Seeing as the ladies were down for the count he collected the rest of the food and booze and piled it by the table near the window.

Then he ate and drank slowly as he gazed out the window. His mind was blank as he ate expensive Caviar on wheat crackers, watercress sandwiches, assorted cheese cubes, fruit cocktail and some hordurves. The booze consisted of expensive wine and hard liquor. Seeing as he already paid for it he left out one bottle and put the extra food and booze in his inventory for later on since it would be a waste to throw it away. As he stared out the window he felt nothing and this irked him. He just had a mind blowing experience with a winged elf, cat girl, wolf girl and rabbit girl and instead of feeling happy he felt empty. Even the fancy food and drink, despite having great flavor left him empty inside.

Since he was trying to live for himself he figured he should do things he wanted before he died. He had just crossed off several things from his bucket list but it leave him with any good vibes. It bothered him that he was not happy in the least. Most guys would give and arm and leg to get to experience what he just did and for some reason he felt a great pain in his chest. He had a hard lump in his throat and ended up drinking more booze to push it down. Then he felt warm liquid on his hand and figured he spilled his booze, but another drop fell on his stomach this time.

When he looked at his reflection in the window he saw tears rolling down his face. He didn't even realize he was crying and he could not stop them. Using a small towel he wiped them away but they kept coming with no end to them. Then he felt overwhelmed by images of his past. Seeing his family's face for the first time after his accident pained his heart to end. Then as his so called friends and lovers saw him and shuddered before leaving his life, he entered a dark depression. He wanted to die and tried to commit suicide but was stopped by the nurses and doctors. He lost his family, friends, lovers, job and his body so easily. The VR game was now his only outlet to distract him of that.

However now that he was going to die in the game he really nothing to live for. Sure he could get stronger and maybe help defeat the big bad boss, but what would be the point of it all? In the end he was a dead man walking no matter what happened to him. So even after living out one of his biggest fantasies, he felt empty inside. He knew it was not real and all fake. These women were just code and were programmed to be this way. No one loved him and he would die empty and alone like dust in the wind. This was why he was crying and deep down inside he knew it. The reason it hurt so bad was because he knew no one would ever love him since he didn't even like himself.

As he contemplated life and death he opened up his inventory and looked at his weapons. He wondered if he had anything that could be used to kill himself. Out of boredom he smirked at the insane items he had in his inventory. He chuckled as he wondered Artimis would wet his pants when he saw his inventory. He could probably buy a couple of kingdoms and still be considered wealthy at this point. Of course that is what happens when you lived in a VR game as long as he did. Then he saw one of Maxx's toys and it made him think of Maxx. Maxx was his copper golem steed, but now a days she was his only friend. He felt a warm feeling as he thought about his best friend being copper golem horse with a pushy female personality. For the first time in a while he actually smiled naturally and his tears stopped. It was messed up and totally abnormal but his best friend was his metal horse in a video game. He laughed at how pathetic he was in the end.

Before he knew it Maxx was standing next to him. He didn't remember summoning her but was glad she was there. Feeling in better spirits he fed her a mana stone and stoked her head and neck. Then he had Maxx curl up her legs so she could sit on the floor. Then he leaned on her side as he stared out the window eating his snacks and drinking his booze. Before he knew it he was babbling on to Maxx about random stuff and she snorted steam in response. For some reason it looked like he completely understood her. After another two hours he was able to sleep again while resting on her side. This was the first time he had a peaceful sleep since before the accident.


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