Hang overs and moon pies

After Miles went into the building, Artimis slinked back into the shadows and let the reigns of the horse drop and he told her to stand. He thought about what Miles said,

I sure as hell am not hurting for money and I can't take it with me when I am dead. As for my reputation …….. I could careless what they think of me, cause they won't even remember my name when I am dead and long gone. Not to be a Debby Downer, but there is a high possibility we may not escape this death game and die here. We already saw one guy die and several of your "friends" already bailed on us. So I plan to have my fun while I can, before that necromancer guy comes hunting us down again. Not sure what your goals entail or what your angle is with the Paladin, but as long as they don't keep me from enjoying my good time, its none of my business man.

He knew people came and left in games, so that wasn't a big deal. But, Almost every conversation of any significance he had he had with Miles referred to death. They would have been his friends too, if he let them bed. What the hell is a Debbie Downer?It must have been some crappy rock band from the 1980's. I'll have to ask Grandpa when he's done in there.

Artimis got the wanting to chase skirt. He just wasn't as liberated as Miles and had not got to the point where he didn't care about what people thought of him. He did not want to disappoint Glenn, or Vader, as crazy as that seemed. He even worried what Serenity would think.

To be honest, he didn't know what his angle was either. He was Artimis and he could not remember being Artimis. But he knew Artimis the thief would have broken every one of Glenn's rules and thumbed his nose while doing it. He watched a merchant going into the brothel knowing he could have had that coin purse and be gone before the city watch got there. But he didn't even try.

He whispered a curse and flipped a double bird to nothing in particular.

Before he knew it, a dwarf, halfling, and a dark elf stopped pulled him from the shadows towards the door of the brothel. He tried to escape but this brought laughter from others and an entire crowd of people managed to show up and push him through the doors past the doormen. There was a lot of laughter as he verbally protested and the dwarf looked at him and said, "Son, we know you want to. You were standing outside for half an hour."

Inside, he saw the gambling, the drinking, the girls flaunting their wares. He wanted to take it in till he was pushed through a curtain where a dragonkin man dressed in fine clothing pulled him further in.

As Artimis was led into an area. A woman approached running her had across his chest. “This one is mine” she said.
The man gave a nod “yes Madam, as you wish” the man said turned and walked out. “You are fine” she says. She grabs Artimis hand leading him into a room as he inters the room. With little effort and grate skill she spins him pushing him in to the wall. Giving him a passionate kiss that leaves him week in the knees. Then he quickly realizes it was not only the kiss but the poison on her lips that numbed him.
She steps back.
“Your good, But I had to have some fun to,” she said but not talking to Artimis he thinks.
“When you’re done come and find me, we can finish what we started.” She said entertained. When she backs up more you see an Elf walk out of the shadows.

She looks at you “My name is Tracy then you see player appear on her banner display. She walks back out of the door. The man walks up to you and laugh some. He makes introductions, “We also call her the Black Widow. I am Blackjack” as the puts a chair next to you.
"You might want to sit," he said. He backs up and sits in a chair.
Artimis does as well, knowing that rubbing his lips was not going to take the contact poison away.
“We have been told you are not in a guild and we cannot have that in are city. Unlike the Lord Inquisitor you can join a guild. It is easy for you being an adventure. And come with such a reputation and word. I saw your fight with the assassins we got there late. That will not happen again,” He said leaning back in his chair.

Smiling Blackjack looks you over. “I want you to know that it was not the Inquisitor that got you this chance trust me if we did not like your skill, we would not be talking. There are rules to join us we are the guild of stillness or as the Inquisitors office likes to say the order of stillness. Here are the rules.”

You will not "talk" If captured by authorities or enemy in the course or as a consequence of a job, he must not reveal the identities of his partners, informants, or other professional contacts. You will honestly report how much money or valuables are take possession of in a job. Order of stillness will share their information and goods equally among The Order of stillness, or according to the contribution of each to the job, arranged and agreed upon beforehand. You will share some of his earnings with other Order of stillness who have been incarcerated to help pay fines, bribe officials, etc. If you have valuable information, attractive targets, location of traps, and the activities of the town watch, he will share it with the Order of stillness. You will help one another, even in spite of personal differences or enmity between them. You will Honor the guild. Will not steal from North Gate Citadel.

Now your job is to work as a go between for the guild and the Lord Inquisitor or his office. So, you get best of both worlds you will meet more of us in time. Today you have met two I and Black Widow we are your sponsors for now all your training will come from us. I know you are a thinker not a fighter I will make you both. note you bake any of are rules and we break you don’t think we can’t reach you are guild master is high level best skilled trouble shooters I know.” he pulls out a flask from his jacket takes a drink then hands it to you. “It will cure the poison faster. Also, you are now assigned as the Lord inquisitors’ Secret Guards from this guild, like he needs it” he says laughing. “he does not know, and you will not tell him” he said sternly.

“Do you have any questions, O I forgot to tell you there will be a black polished stone in your room if you except take it if not leave it and nothing more will be said to you. Just remember we have your back to if you join.”

Artimis drank from the flask passing it back. He leaned back in his chair and fought ever sarcastic, rude, teenage hormone raging frustrated statement that was coming to his mind. Most of it would not be possible for Blackjack to do nor would he want to watch it.

Artimis held up a finger and let out a run of profanity that would had made a sailor on leave in this place proud. Then apologized.

Rolling forward in the chair he says, "If you know me so well, you also know that I have to break the rules at times. Not in big ways. I need the challenge of planning and pulling off the job. I need the worry that something might go wrong and thinking on the fly and the excitement of the escape. That the prize I hold in my hand in the end is mine." He slapped his hands down on his legs. He was living in a world that all he needed to do was ask and he would have it. Most of his friends had more stuff and money than they knew what to do with. He wanted to earn it.

Artimis attempted to lay out his terms as the poision was working on him.

He woke to find himself dressed in a bed covered by blankets and a heavy quilt spooned against the Black Widow. She was above the blankets and quilt but he nessled into her hair. It smelled like a flower garden. As he brought his left hand up body she grabbed his thumb and bent it in a way that hurt. "Not every woman here is here for your sexual pleasure. Some of us provide other services like therapy," she said as she was getting up. "You can call me Raven," she said. "I am the spy mistress of the guild, you learned your first lesson. 'Do not drink and don't get poisoned.' You should have woken up after 30 minutes, you slept the entire night and the madam is not pleased by losing a room," she smiled.

She handed him a case to bring to Glenn that he couldn't let anyone see him deliver. It was a hand width in diameter and from finger to forearm length. He wrapped it in his cloak. She also warned him not to carry the assassin's blade as it could get him killed if seen.

He also got his first lesson in spying, dancing. Learning the movements was easy. Not looking down nightgowns of his partners was not. A rod came across his head a few times for that. Not letting information slip, was not. Artimis wanted to trust people.

By mid-morning he was hungry, tired, and hung over. He was placed on a top of a cab with the driver and sent on his way. Worse yet, he had to figure out how to get a large scroll tube to Glenn without it being seen and getting to his room without Abby catching him. As they road down the street, he saw a baker with bread being sold from a cart. Very french, he thought. He bought two baggets and started working on his plan.

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