To Harem Or to Not Harem?

After a good night sleep Miles unsummoned Maxx since it would be a pain to walk a golem horse through the place and Maxx might break a few things along the way. Miles then washed up and left the worn out escorts to their peaceful sleep. He walked out to see the Manager enjoying his breakfast. Miles nodded at him as he passed by and walked out alone passed the guards.

By midmorning he was hungry, tired, and hung over. He was placed on a top of a cab with the driver and sent on his way. Worse yet, he had to figure out how to get a large scroll tube to Glenn without it being seen and getting to his room without Abby catching him. As they road down the street, he saw a baker with bread being sold from a cart. Very french, he thought. He bought two baggets and started working on his plan.

Miles noticed Artimis was nowhere to be seen in the morning. He wondered if he got in trouble or left in the night after loosing all his money gambling. Either way he didn't much care as he summoned Maxx in front of him. Feeling hungry he decided to walk around the city with Maxx to find some food. Oddly enough there was a restaurant just around the corner that was open and the food smelled good. After tying Maxx's reign to the outside post he entered the building and saw several familiar faces. Apparently several of the female escorts came to this place for a morning meal and compared stories. Miles contemplated leaving but was to hungry to bother. After getting seated he ordered a big breakfast with eggs, bacon, ham, hash and coffee. Luckily he didn't have to wait long as he pretended to not hear the gossiping escorts at the table next to him.

He felt a sense of relief as he ate the hot food. It was good and smelled very real. He even enjoyed the texture of the food along with the temperature. The food felt so real now in this version of the game. Miles looked so happy as he ate his food. He could hear some giggling from the escorts next to him as he opened his eyes and saw them looking at him with naughty grins. Miles swallowed his food and spoke to them.

Miles: Can I help you ladies?

Female Dark Elf Escort: Sorry you look like you were really enjoying that.

Miles: I am.

Female Dwarf Escort: Sorry we come here every morning.

Miles: For the food or the girl talk?

Female Human Escort: Both. (giggle)

Miles: Am I interrupting?

Female Harpy Escort: Of course not dearie. We don't mind the eye candy.

Then the four girls Miles slept with the night before showed up. Miles had a mouthful of food and didn't know what he should say as they looked at him and blushed. Miles was not sure if he went overboard with the ladies the night before since he was very pent up. He could hear them talking about him and giggling like high school girls. Then he felt their gaze and slowly turned to see their naughty smiles.

Miles: Do I do something wrong?

Female Winged Elf Escort: Oh no sweetie you didn't do anything wrong. If anything I was recommending you to the others.

Miles: Oh.

Female Catgirl Escort: You are coming back right?

The female escorts had naughty looks on them as if they were kids in a candy store. Miles figured they working on milking him for his money since the love making was not very romantic in his perspective.

Miles: If I have the time I guess.

Female Bunnygirl Escort: So are you busy?

Miles: Yeah I am in the middle of a job so its hard to get free time.

Female Wolfgirl Escort: You're not just making excuses are you?

Miles: Nope. As a matter of fact I had to request just to get yesterday off to spend with you all.

Female Winged Elf Escort: Who is your Boss? Is it the Mage Guild?

Miles: Naw. The head Paladin guy in charge of this place and his not my Boss, but more like we on a mission together.

The escorts were in shock by this answer and looked at him seriously.

Female Winged Elf Escort: You mean the Lord Inquisitor?

Miles: Yeah he seems to like those fancy titles. I got a few myself but never use them.

The escorts were surprised that they had such a VIP in their brothel the other night. they got all giddy and then tried to pry more info from Miles who gave them simple answers with no real good info to use. Then a few of them asked if he wanted to purchase them as exclusive love slaves, but Miles turned them down since he was just passing through the city and his mission was far to dangerous for them. He already lost a few companions on the way to and in the city so it was not safe for them during his travels. This seemed exciting to the escorts as they flirted with Miles hoping to get on his good side.

It didn't take long till the escorts told Miles how they ended up as escorts. Most were found orphaned and young and sold thru a slaver. The pretty ones were sold to the brothel or rich nobles as servants. Others ended up in mines, servants, gladiators or worse. The ladies said they were lucky they became love slaves since some Nobles were mean to their servants and hard labors was brutal. True they were not to happy about all their customers but they didn't get to pick them. Miles could feel the guilt they laid on him to buy them out. He contemplated his options as he could see their eager faces and promises to serve him well.

Oddly enough he felt tempted by their offer and told them he would need to talk to Glenn before he could make a decision on the matter. It wasn't about since he had plenty, but he knew this decision would affect Glenn one way or another. So after enjoying his meal he left the flirty escorts and got Maxx. He then got on Maxx and waved bye to the naughty escorts as he rode off. Part of him wanted to ignore their selfish request, and another part of him liked the idea of a harem since it was on his bucket list. If he owned the slaves he wouldn't need a brothel anymore, but since he had no estate he didn't know where to put them. Seeing as he needed to talk to Glenn he decided to ask him who things worked in that area and how it would affect their mission.


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