The Old Oak Tree

She could feel there was something strange about this place. Something seamed to call her, but she had no clue what, "hello is anyone there" Serenity called looking around. The trees sway in the breeze. She walks on to a dirt path fallowing the whispers in the air. The tree canopy makes it darker in this area. as you get into the trees you here a voice behind you a deep old almost ancient sound slow but deliberate speech. “You have come. You should not keep me waiting so long I am not getting any younger you know” says the old oak tree as a face appears on the trunk.

“You are a Moon druid I see” as the branches move some letting a shaft of light through. Did the Inquisitor not tell you to see me as I requested?”

The face smiles “Ok Lady Light of Dawn. I will give you this title, Druid. I have deemed you worthy looking into your hart. And have much to say and teach you. The tree spends time telling Serenity a story of time and the druids. Serenity feels the strength of the earth flow through her. Then the tree tells the story of the sun and the time in the sky. After words she feels the fire of the sun flow through her. Then tells you the story of the wind and it blowing across the earth and its time. As he finishes it a breeze wraps around Serenity. Her hair rises slightly and clothing flap in the air she feels the flow of the air. Then the tree pauses and thinks some. Then tells another story of water and how it flows across the land in the air on the wind and it time. unexpectedly she is aware of the water flowing around her.

“Now I will tell you a story that most don’t know that is as old as time itself about love.” He tells you the story of time of the wind and water and how they fell in love and together formed Ice and the elements formed the earth. She could feel the power flow through her as she became a Giant wolf then busted into flames. She could feel it all flowing through her. In a flash he returned into her normal self. “I gave you this gift so that you can protect the land and your true friends. But I worn you if you abuse this power, I can remove it and destroy you. Now have this and eat it a breach shows you an eggcorn. As she consumes it, she feels a little funny. “Now we are connected all you have to do is meditate siting on earth and we can talk.” As she comes around from a daze, she realizes its late. She could feel the tree but saw no face now.

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