An offer not to be taken lightly

"Don't know if brothels are your thing or not, but Glenn insisted I invite you and Darth Vader over there. I'm gonna take a bath and rest up before I head out. If you wanna go the info is on the paper. No pressure man," Miles said, primarily to Artimis.

"Dead or alive, a brothel is no place for a knight," Vader responded with a minor note of disgust.

"Now that's a real man," one of the serving wenches commented before storming off.

Even if Vader were interested in the temptations of such mortal flesh, he could tell that this Miles character did not view NPCs and game mobs as his equals. If he spent too much time around him, he might kill him.

With a 'come on, man' sort of look to his face, Artimis said, "Meet us between here and there? There could be more assassins."

"I don't care," Vader responded flatly and left.

A short time later

"Inquisitor, given your position in this city, it's a safe bet that you were the intended target of the assassins. In life, I was the prince to the great kingdom of Eternia. Though I died short of inheriting the throne, I am versed in the less virtuous dealings of the king's court. You are no king, but your power is enviable by those too week to gain it for themselves. Obviously they didn't know I had joined the party or they wouldn't have sent such pittance. That, or they were inept and simply hired the first band of cutthroats they found. Either way, greed and corruption does not but fester and grow. There will likely be more assassins and of higher quality," Vader said and paused to let his words sink in. "Though you annoy me on a nearly endless basis, until I can have you raised as a knight of death, I would prefer that you continue breathing. The dwelling that you've assigned me is remote and easily defended. Even if they knew to look for you there, the two of us could hold back an army in those twisting catacombs. You would have to share a room with the reanimated skeleton of a murdered noblewoman, though."

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