the Hall with Vader

Glenn had gotten ready for the meeting with the High Lord. He had not seen him in a long time and wondered how the meeting was going to go now with the awaking. This would be the first time he was going somewhere alone since the Awakening. The High Lords castle was next to the citadel, so he was not worried about security. As he walked thought the halls he was stopped by Vader. With his normal strait to the point personality told Glenn of some of his pass. Something he has never done, and it weighed on Glenn. Surprising him he knew Vader was serous by his tone and intensity.

"Though you annoy me on a nearly endless basis, until I can have you raised as a knight of death, I would prefer that you continue breathing. The dwelling that you've assigned me is remote and easily defended. Even if they knew to look for you there, the two of us could hold back an army in those twisting catacombs. You would have to share a room with the reanimated skeleton of a murdered noblewoman, though" said Vader.

Glenn was silent and thought “I am taken by your offer Vader. You are right about us Taking on an Army down there and that’s why I sent you there, but you knew that. It is my last fallback area. that’s where are party will go if things go really bad for us. I know you can hold that area for some time.” Glenn pauses thinking again. “I will consider your offer and Idea. But I know we can’t stay here forever we need to get out there and look for answers to what happed.” He pauses as two paladins they nod to the two of you saying “Lord Inquisitor, Lord Vader” as they pass. When they turn the corner, he continues.

“You and I, I don’t worry about much. though you are right we annoy one other on a nearly endless basis” He chuckles some at the comment. “But there is no one I would rather be at my side in battle Vader. I worry about Artimis and Serenity they are not at the same level as us and I think Miles can take care of himself. I think as long as we are in the citadel, we are safe for the most part. All the knights and Paladins anti magic barriers and other stuff it will not be easy to get to anyone here I had it built it that way.” he looks around to see if anyone was near. “It took me two hours after we got here to get the place set up so you could walk around without getting fried” He said.

Glenn smiled looking down the hall seeing Invicta standing by a wall. “I have a few more Adventures showing up soon and they will keep this place lock down trust me they both were with me in the real world in the special forces. But know one knows there coming they will test the security when they get here. So, try not to kill them if you run in to them.” he says smiling.

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