The Black Widow's mission

The smell of perfume quaffed off of Artimis as he exited the cab with the bread and started to head back to the keep. He smiled, as the guards gave him the once over and allowed him to enter. Being associated with the Lord Inquisitor allowed him to come and go fairly freely as long as the silver was all still there. As he walked into the court yard, he checked to see who was there. There were a lot of people moving about and extra guards on the walls. Stable hands were tending to the horses.

It was now him against the estate. His first move was to head to the stable. The for the kitchen doors. The main doors would have guards and the steward would ask questions. He was a nosy man and rouges were not generally trustworthy. Artimis liked having the reputation, even if was a false on. His next move was to slid into the wash woman's work shop where he grabbed clothing. The purfume gave him the idea to dress up like an old maid. He pulled up his pant legs, he pulled his top off and slid on a dress. He pushed a wad of dirty clothes into the chest and back and belly of the dress. He grabbed a bundle of wet clean clothes and sheets to hide things in. He took his dagger and cut a slice in the bottom of a loaf then hollowed it out to the size of the case sliding it in. He placed it in the middle of the loaves then stacked it together. He next tied a scarf over his head. He rubbed splashed himself with water and put a rock in his book, the guild rock, causing him to limp. He started to mumble like a frustrated servant and he got to the servants door.
"Take it to the wash miss, then bring it back. Try to eat, was I, an they tell me to come back," She hobbled. "The Lord Inquisitor can't sleep on dirty sheets, mind you." He said in a heavy female voice. "Dry them on the balcony where there is a lot more breeze and make the beds," says the master. As he got into the halls past the guard, he ran into Abby and her sisters, " He curtsied slightly keeping his eyes down and face hidden.

"Excuse me my pardon, My Ladies, old washer woman bringing wash," they looked at him then the purfume hit them. He smelled like an old lady with the dirty clothes and the purfumes. They moved and Artimis excused himself again, curtsying again. Hobbling up the back servants stairs. He lost one loaf of bread to a page who was hungry. As he made it to the floor with Glenn's rooms. Worked his way down the hall talking to himself and hobbling. He grumbled about the wet clothes and needing clean bedding for the Master as a page opened the door to his rooms. Artimis felt the power of magic as he pushed through a ward. He was glad that his intentions were not evil and he wasn't going to steal anything, so the ward allowed him without triggering.

In the room, he made his way to the bedroom and slid the case under the mattress. Glenn would find it when he laid down on his bed. As he rearranged the items in his pile to make it look like he changed the bedding, He exited the room. Still talking to himself like he was a crazy woman. He came to the floor where his room was and snuck in taking off the dress and dressing.

"Done whoring around?" came Abby's voice as a he froze. "Only people who have been doing something wrong sneak like that. Trying to steal the silver?" A blade poked him in his ribs as he was told to march. They walked him down to a cell where he was chained till Glenn could question the thief about his intent.

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