Waiting On The Master Of the House

Oddly enough he felt tempted by their offer and told them he would need to talk to Glenn before he could make a decision on the matter. It wasn't about since he had plenty, but he knew this decision would affect Glenn one way or another. So after enjoying his meal he left the flirty escorts and got Maxx. He then got on Maxx and waved bye to the naughty escorts as he rode off. Part of him wanted to ignore their selfish request, and another part of him liked the idea of a harem since it was on his bucket list. If he owned the slaves he wouldn't need a brothel anymore, but since he had no estate he didn't know where to put them. Seeing as he needed to talk to Glenn he decided to ask him who things worked in that area and how it would affect their mission.

The ride back to Glenn's estate was rather quiet and peaceful. He didn't mind Artimis since he was an odd but amusing fellow, but he was glad Darth Vader didn't tag along. The guy reeked of bad juju and gave everyone the Heebie-jeebies at Glenn's place. Miles didn't know if he was an NPC or a player turned NPC or just some odd creature that took a following to Glenn but he came off as a total ass from his perspective. So it was best to play nice and keep his thoughts to himself out of gratitude to Glenn since he was providing himself with shelter and food.

Once he arrived at the estate he unsummoned Maxx and nodded as the passed the guards at the entrance of the estate. Since Glenn said his guests were VIPs they didn't have to get patted down like common criminals. Of course looking like a mage did help Miles look a bit more like a Nobel. As for titles he had plenty next to his name if he felt like showing off, but he saw no point in attracting any more attention to himself. To him this was a game used to escape his crappy reality. So as he passed the guards he made his way in the massive estate. He found it annoying that the place was rather to big and walking to his current room was a long task.

Once inside the main hall he looked around and saw servants and guards moving about doing their daily work. He could feel the stares from some of the servants and guards. Some of the stares were from females either ogling him or looking down on him while the guards were sizing him up in case he caused any trouble. Either way Miles didn't care since he didn't plan to touch any of the women in the Palace since it was a conflict of interest and the guards were just doing their job. Besides they were all small fry in Miles's eyes. If the place did get attacked by a dragon the guards would be in dire trouble.

As Miles looked around he stopped in the middle of the hall and opened his inventory. This of course attracted the attention of the staff as they watched to see what he would do. Miles ignored their worried looks as he pulled an apple from his inventory and took a bite from it. He could feel the sense of relief as he bit the apple and moved on. Deep down inside he wanted to laugh at them for being paranoid but it would bother Glenn if he did. As he walked around he looked for Glenn with luck. As he slowly chewed his apple he pondered on what he could do. Then he saw a servant with some scrolls in a basket walking by and he got an idea. He would send a letter to Glenn and it would allow Glenn to get the message in private. Of course the last time he openly talked about the subject s it was obvious he didn't give a crap about public opinions either.

So then Miles opened up his map he was making of the Palace layout and found it incomplete, but he did see a room he could use to write his letter. The banquet room was empty and had a rather large table and many chairs, so Miles entered the room as he nodded at the servants. He received some curious looks as he opened up his inventory, which was invisible to the NPCs, and pulled out a pen, some letter head, an envelope and his wax stamp kit. After organizing his materials and thoughts he began to write. Miles paused as he had to remember Glenn's name and title so he did an appraisal on the palace to get the info.

To Glenn Grayston the Inquisitor,

Hey Glenn, this is Miles . First off thanks for the recommendation to the party place. I had a very good time and the hostesses were very kind to me so thanks. I am writing a letter since I have no idea where you are. While I was having breakfast with the hostesses they asked if I was interested in purchasing their services full time. Now the offer is very tempting but it does raise a few issues. First off we are still on a mission, secondly I have no estate in the area so it would weird bringing them here and thirdly if I was to get an estate here what is involved? Granted I am interested in the idea of giving them a new home and better working conditions, but I need to know if this will cause more problems for us and is it even possible since we might have to leave for the mission. And yes if anyone reads this they will not get a damn thing I just said since it is encrypted. Anyhow if we miss each other just send a letter to my room so I know what's up.

Thanks a mill,
1000 Miles Drunk

Miles then then folded the letter and put it into the envelope and addressed the envelope to Glenn from Miles. After that Miles used his wax kit to seal the envelope properly and then packed his stuff back into his inventory. After leaving the room he found a cute maid that had seen him and Glenn together already. So he approached her and looked at her with his appraisal eye. Since she seemed like a charming loyal lass Miles smiled at her and spoke.

Miles: Excuse me miss but have you seen Glenn around here?

Maid: No my lord. The Lord Inquisitor has stepped out to my knowledge.

Miles: Yeah I thought so. Could you be a good lass and deliver this letter to his room?

Maid: I am sorry my Lord but I am not allowed there.

Miles: Okay then whom do I need to talk to?

Maid: I believe the Head Maid or the Captain of the Guards would know.

Miles: Seriously? Man this is getting annoying. This place is like a maze as it is. I don't see how he knows where anyone is.

Maid: I am terribly sorry my lord.

Miles: Don't sweat it. Its not your fault. You didn't build the palace.

Maid: Thank you sir. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Miles looked at the maid who seemed nervous but flirty at the same time. He could tell she was trying let him see her cleavage and he was tempted by this gesture but then remembered it was Glenn's house and he didn't need to mess it up sleeping with all the help. Sadly if Glenn gave him a green light he might end up laying his hands on all the women in the palace whether they were pretty or not as long as they were legal. So he sighed as he smiled and winked at the maid.

Miles: Though I do appreciate the sentiment, its best I act somewhat proper as long as I am a guest. Well I guess I can do this the hard way then.

Maid: My lord?

Miles: this is a bit overkill just to send a letter.

The maid watched in confusion as Miles held the letter and began casting a spell. Back in his old game the mods invented a spell to Animate simulacra of living things.
So in other words, he just folded the letter into an origami bird, then Animated the bird to fly itself wherever it needed to go, a la the Animal Messenger spell. So in this case since he knew where Glenn's room was he could just have the paper bird fly to Glenn's door and attach itself till Glenn could retrieve it. The maid gasped as she saw the paper bird come to life and fly away.

As the paper bird flew through the castle it did attract a bit of attention since they thought it was a real bird. Some tried to follow it but it was to fast for them as it quickly made its way to Glenn's room. Miles watched his map to see when it arrived at it destination and turned to a letter stuck on Glenn's door. Miles smirked as the staff was still looking for the bird. He winked at the maid as he spoke to her.

Miles: Well that problem was solved so I am off to take a long bath. Please let Glenn know where I am and that I left a message on his door.

Maid: Yes my lord. Anything else?

Miles: Don't tempt me sweetie. I still haven't gotten Glenn's permission.

Miles could see the maid was blushing red as she looked down and curtseyed to him. Miles gave her a nod and left to his room. Once inside he summoned Maxx to his room and proceeded to soak in a hot bath to help him relax. He wondered what kind of answer Glenn would give him. Since the mission took priority he had a feeling the harem idea would fall through.


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