The High Lord and Quest

After his talk with Vader he walked next door to the High Lords castle with Ithaca close behind him. He did not talk much and knew little about him. he joined the group from the beginning and was glad he was with them. He had not left Glenn’s side since the attack. As Glenn walked up to the gate. Several guards walk up and give a slight bow. “Lord Inquisitor we have been waiting for you come with us my lord” they said respectfully. He walked through the castle halls it was everything he remembered nothing changed much.

As he walks into the hall through the big doors, he says out loud “Lord of North Gate, Robert Graysteel, how have you been?” As the figure at the end of the hall turns. Glenn realizes it was not him. “I guess the High Lord will be played by a sinister woman now” He says as he bows some then keeps walking. As he gets close “Laerwen? Is that you?” getting closer a page steps out yelling “that is High Lord Laerwen Graysteel to you Lord Inquisitor” putting his hand out to stop Glenn. something blurred as it moved in front of Glenn the Page squeaked. Ithaca was standing with a blade at the man’s throat. Glenn did not even see him move. Two of the guards step forward with there hands on there swords.

“Stop it now!” yelled Laerwen. The Page backed away “As you wish my lady.” He said the two guards back up next to her throne. Ithaca turned bowed to the High Lord then turned and gave Glenn a nod as he passed him taking his place behind him watching the room.

Waking towards Glenn. he could tell she was not happy “what took you so long Lord Inquisitor?” she asks, “I sent for you a week ago.” Glenn really wanted to put her in her place but held back. “I was just informed to day to see you, High Lord.” She stops “My father died a week ago and they made High Lord I did not want this not now.” Glenn thought for a moment “Sorry for your loss, and congratulations on your appointment to High Lord they could chose any lord and the chose you for a reason” said Glenn. Laerwen turned away wiping the tears from her face. “You should have been her to help him you could have saved him!” she said loudly. Glenn was stunned that he did not expect to hear from an NPC. Glenn let out a quiet sigh. “A week ago, I don’t know if I could help. From awaking many things have changed as you well know.”

Glenn hesitates then walks closer “I am sorry about your Father he was a good man and I liked him vary much.” Said Glenn. he was one of Glenn’s favorite NPCs.

She turned walked up and through her arms around his neck lade her head on his chest. Glenn froze in place his arms out not knowing how to act. He hated this in real life now in the game more how the NPC seem so real. “Glenn, you can call me Laerwen when we are alone. We grew up together. Again, the past but I did not write this, so the game dose change some history. “I don’t know if we can do that High Lord things are not that simple. And we are held to a higher level than most.” He pats her on the head then steps back “Now pull yourself together. I am and can counsel you if needed or if you ask it of me.” he said.

She wipes are eyes one more time. “I am here to tell you some information. I know you want to get back to your own realm. The mirror you seek is in south of are world. One of the clues is at Stone Gate City. I sent someone there to look into it and now I think they are in trouble there. I would send some knights there, but relations are not good. She is an Adventure but only second level and in her teens. I know as an Inquisitor you could go and get in just fine you are second only to your father.” He puts her hands behind her smiles at Glenn. “like in the days of old I give you a quest bring my friend Sun back to me find the clue you seek. Do you accept?” she asks.

Nodding Glenn replies “I will look for Sun and get her back. I have already have a party, so I don’t need anyone from you.” Laerwen turns “Page!” the man comes running “my lady” Laerwen looks at Glenn “Give the scroll to the Inquisitor.” This has the sketch of her and her information and contact down there.” Glenn takes the scroll “thank you High Lord” he says.

The visit late into the night talking about current events it felt so real. Glenn was not sure what to think but now he found out that all the gate cities were govern on their own and the Council of Lords only meets onetime year. Glenn had the felling things could go south fast. after food and wine Glenn and Ithaca with an escort Glenn did not want made it back Glenn thought that night how everyone’s night went. If Miles got what he wanted. Why a thousand year old tree would talk to serenity. Did Artimis make his rondaview and have some fun too. Vader and his offer if anyone would have said this was going to happen last week he would of not believed him.

The next morning

"Done whoring around?" came Abby's voice as a he froze. "Only people who have been doing something wrong sneak like that. Trying to steal the silver?" A blade poked him in his ribs as he was told to march. They walked him down to a cell where he was chained till Glenn could question the thief about his intent.

Sometime later two Paladins come down walk up to Artimis one of them had a player status bar. “so, you are Artimis. I am Paul. The man smiles.” Then give a serious look “I understand you where sneaking around. If it was not for the fact you are with Chief, I would kill you right now.” he steps closer drawing his sword was it bust into Blue flames to make his point. The sword Artimis had seen before Glenn had one.

Paul stays just out of reach something about him. The way he moved the way he talked he had done this a lot not only here in the game. “I will let you know I was with Chief in the real world and if you try to harm chief player or not I will burry you. So, what were you doing?”

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