The lie detector

Much to Artimis’ was taken to an area in the basement that was nicer than his room. An old monk was sitting at a desk table copying a book. Artimis was dropped into a chair and the monk waved off the chains.

"He will stay," the monk said like he already knew. His hair was thinning and white and he had a white beard, that the monks did not wear. Artimis sat down, he had give up arguing.

"Come over here at learn something, do not waste your time," the monk said. "People call me the Abbot, though I have not been in that position for years. I am the jailer at the keep an easy job for an old man." he said then laughed.

Artimis was not sure what he was learning. He was learning to write letters in a different language and the Abbot was having him pronounce the letters and words. He was teaching him pen strokes. Artimis was not sure what he was learning or if he was learning something. Artimis liked the Abbot.

Sometime later two Paladins come down walk up to Artimis one of them had a player status bar. “So, you are Artimis. I am Paul," The man said and smiles.” Then give a serious look “I understand you where sneaking around. If it was not for the fact you are with Chief, I would kill you right now.” He steps closer drawing his sword was it bust into Blue flames to make his point. The sword Artimis had seen before Glenn had one.

Paul stays just out of reach something about him. The way he moved the way he talked he had done this a lot not only here in the game. “I will let you know I was with Chief in the real world and if you try to harm chief, player or not, I will bury you. So, what were you doing?” He asked.

Artmis excused himself from the Abbot and rose to meet the men. He reached out and pushed the sword touching the blade with his gloved hand, moving it away from himself gently. "Well Paul nice to meet you. I was actually on a mission for the Chief," he said in a tone that he was the man's equal and looked Paul in the eyes. "Between the three of us, I would not hurt Glenn or anyone else here and I would not steal anything of any real value, unless I had too," he said. "I promised the Lord Inquisitor this in person."

Artimis paused,smiled, and said, "I suspect that you will need to arrange a cell for me and put my name outside the door. I did not promise not to sneak around, not to get into fights (meaning verbal) with guards, steal food from the kitchen, or not to be a general pain it the ass to you and your people. I promised to follow his rules and will push them as far as I can bend and stretch them. I also expect the same in return. It makes us both better at what we do."

"I'll make you a deal," he said. Not that Artimis was in the position to make deals. "If your people catch me, you can throw me in a cell and will do some fitting task as punishment. I will even buy you a beer," he smiled, "If they don't, then you and your first get to tell the Chief." Artimis would not humiliate or demean the man. Heck, he wanted to keep Glenn safe as it meant they were keeping him and everyone else safe too. Artimis got a serious look on his face, "Seem reasonable, Captain of the Guard?"

Artimis laughed again, "What gave me away?" he asked. Paul smiled but did not give an answer. That is what he gets for saying he was going to be a pain in the ass. Artimis would have to ask Lady Abby, if she spoke to him.

The Abbot looked at Paul and nodded letting him know Artimis was telling the truth.

"Would you send Lady Abigale, down to me. It is about time for her lesson and I think the two of them have things to work out," the Abbot said. Then he smiled and "He is still my prisoner and has not been released yet. He still owes me three pages of letters," the Abbot said.

Artimis knew this was probably the dumbest think he had done today, but the day was early. The Abbot gave Artimis the don't go poking the bears look. But he had to poke the bears and he had to hit the hornets nest.

After the officers left the Abbot said, "Your in a lot more trouble with Lady Abigale than you are with them."

Artimis looked at him and said, "I didn't do anything."
The Abbot raised his hands and said, "I believe you. You can't tell a lie here without my knowing." Artimis looked around, in a corner was a small bed with a nightstand,
Any chance Artimis had with Abby had be negotiated.

He sighed. A little bit latter Abby arrived and pouted at seeing him.
"I thought the Captain would have dealt with you," her tone as still annoyed.
"He did," Artimis said plainly.

Artimis moved closer to where Abby was sitting as the Abbot went and laid in his bunk.
"My Lady, nothing happened yesterday. I went to watch over Miles from the shadows," He said, still getting a cold shoulder. She picked up the quill and started copying the book that the Abbot was coping.

The conversation went on as Abby interrogated him. He told one little white lie about enjoying himself which made the flames of the lanterns glow slightly blue. The Abbot rose and said, "You can't lie in here with out us knowing." He placed Artimis quill and pen in front of him again, pointing to the paper.

"Okay," Astimis explained, "I did enjoy getting out of the keep and the dancing. I did not like getting poisoned." The lights glowed bright white.

He looked at Abby and asked, "Now my Lady how did you see through my disguise?"
She lied, "I did not." The light in the room went blue and she blushed.
She looked at him then continued, "Two things gave you away. The first is your necklace is unique. No one else has one. The second thing was your eyes. No one else looks at me like you look at me."

This made Artimis blush. His little tells that he was not aware of gave him away. What was he to do about that?

"Why did you think you needed to trick everyone?" she asked. "Don't you trust us?" she asked as well.
"I trust all of you," he said.

He wrote his letters completing the second page. "I can't explain it to you," he said. How does one describe the mental challenge and thrill of living by your wits against others and the excitement of the chase.

The Abbot, looked at the two of them. Then he said, "Let me help you." As the Abbot placed a hand on the two of them, Artimis was aware that the Abbot was not just a mere Human. He was much bigger and more powerful. In his mind he was standing in front of a Great Dragon with Abby. "Close you eyes and show her," the Abbot said.
So he did. He thought back to stealing the horse. The hours of watching and studying, the time gathering what needed, the anticipation and thrill of pulling the job and the escape. He also thought about the first time he saw her, and all that flooded her mind. The emotions, the thoughts, and the images. When the Abbot removed his hands from them, Abby looked at him and said, "That was the dumbest thing I ever experienced."

Artimis laughed, true being shot at by archers was a dumb thing. It did give you a rush.

Abby got up and excused herself.

After she left, Artimis asked the Abbot "Are you really the Dragon?"
The old man laughed and said, "That is a story for a different time. Complete your letters and don't press so hard with the Quill. I can't let you go from my cell till you have completed your lesson. It is the arrangement I have with the Lord Inquisitor."

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