Artimis finished the third sheet and the letters were looking better. Writing with a quil was not like using a BIC Pen. He would need to keep practicing. Even with his good dex, the skill was new and needed work. He would get supplies an practice. The Abbot suggested wax tablets which he could obtain from Abigale.

“Dwarvish is an interesting language and their stories tend to have large mechanical devices, traps, and a lot of battle,” the Abbot said. “You will be heading there soon enough and you should learn to read their language.”

He opened the drawer in the simple desk. From it came an old book. Artimis could not read it. But the Abbot said, The Tales of Red Beard. A Dwarven Thief who became King. “It was a pity I had to eat him after the book was done,” the Abbot said chuckling.
He pulled a ring from a bag and handed it to Artimis. This is a crutch and will give you away. Any magic use will know you are using it, this is to get you started. There is a Dwarven Blacksmith in the Keep, he will teach you the language but you will need to agree to his terms.

With that Artimis was dismissed sure to visit again.

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