Servants come to the people in the party in the morning they have urgency in their voice they ask you to come to the hall at wont's. As party gets up or comes to the Glenn’s main hall people are running a round more than normal not that there was a lot of guards, but you could tell they were alert and almost agitated. The servants were nerves and jumpy there was a Paladin his status bar noted player and Captain in gold letters the name just says Paul. He was telling people what to do giving orders to the guards. As the party show up more guards show 20 high level paladins in all and take positions around the room. When the party is all there Paul walks up to the party “hello I am Paul right now head of the Paladin Corps. Have any of you seen chie…I mean the Lord Inquisitor Glenn? He is missing he never came back last night” He said vary irritated.

Another paladin walks up to Paul “Sir, the town guard has not reported back to us yet High lords guard said that they saw him return and sent some troops in to the city to look” the man reports. Placing his hand on his sword like he was going to draw it and cut the man in half. “I will shut this city down tell that poor excuse of a town guard force that If I come down there to get my report, I will start cutting people in half.” The mans eyes got big “yes sir” he replies and runs off. “sorry for that” he says to the party. “do any of you know where he might be?”

Stepping forward the Warforged envoy Ithaca says in his scratchy synthesize voice “we returned last night late last I saw him he was heading for his room.”

Sitting looking at the city he could feel the ocean breeze and the salt in the air. Holding miles latter and a scroll case in the other. He lad them at his feet. He wrote back to Miles get a place and do with it as you wish. The scroll was for him to see only and had information he did not want to see. He had been siting for hours contemplating his life here in the game and drinking ale. Is this all worth it? What was he doing playing commander, leader of this place and part of North Gate City? He only played the game to help others and to keep creeps from the kids in the game and ruining it. Now he is here running things in a bigger scale. Everyone was looking to him for help. He did not ask for this nor did anyone else. He had spent 25 years leading and watching people die and when he retired, he had enough. Part of him wanted to run and give up and die another part wanted to fight, fight to the death. What in the hell could Gods purpose to be in all this? Is this a punishment for all the people that he had killed? One tear ran down his face as he thought of the men he has lost. Now they will fight for him again with out question. He felt he was not ready to order people to their death or to kill anymore.

Standing to his feet he could hear the commotion below knowing that everyone was looking for him. He did not want to be found he wanted to disappear. To be left alone forgotten about. The struggle raged inside of him as another tear fell. He knew that other Adventures would need his help to survive. He hated that kids could be in the game and not all logged on with their parents. How many logged on and got stuck now? why should he care? Questions kept running though his head the looks of the faces of the men that tried to kill him and how easy it was killing them.
He collapsed to his knees making fists and shaking them in the air. Bending over and slamming them on the stone as more tears started to fall.

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