Under Pressure

Once again Miles had summoned Maxx to his room to cuddle next to after adding some pillows and blankets. Since the night at the brothel he noticed he slept better when next to Maxx, much like a security blanket. Having Maxx around help him relax despite his crappy life choices and circumstances. So after waking up t the knock of the servants, he got cleaned up and unsummoned Maxx since it was frowned upon to have a steed walking around the halls of the palace. Once out the door he saw a letter on the door. So he took it and opened it to see Glenn wrote back to him.

He wrote back to Miles get a place and do with it as you wish.

Miles stared at it for a moment and wondered if he was over thinking things. Since the message was brief and lacking any official commentary, he wondered if Glenn was in a foul mood. He noticed a lot of tension after several members of his fellowship bailed on him when they got to the city, especially the sexy elf chick who's name he can't remember. Not that it matters anyway since he would prolly never see her again. On the way to the mess hall or whatever they called the place they ate at, things seemed hectic as servants were rushing around. Miles merely yawned as he really didn't care as long as he could have breakfast.

Servants come to the people in the party in the morning they have urgency in their voice they ask you to come to the hall at wont's. As party gets up or comes to the Glenn’s main hall people are running a round more than normal not that there was a lot of guards, but you could tell they were alert and almost agitated. The servants were nerves and jumpy there was a Paladin his status bar noted player and Captain in gold letters the name just says Paul. He was telling people what to do giving orders to the guards. As the party show up more guards show 20 high level paladins in all and take positions around the room. When the party is all there Paul walks up to the party “hello I am Paul right now head of the Paladin Corps. Have any of you seen chie…I mean the Lord Inquisitor Glenn? He is missing he never came back last night” He said vary irritated.

Miles doesn't even get a chance to sit down when some dashing paladin guy named Paul begins asking him about Glenn. Miles had yet to have his morning coffee and a morning interrogation was not something he wanted to deal with. After a big yawn Miles held up a finger as to gesture he needed to wait for his answer. Then Miles poured himself a cup of coffee and slowly drank it. As it entered his blood stream he slowly began to feel alive again.

Another paladin walks up to Paul “Sir, the town guard has not reported back to us yet High lords guard said that they saw him return and sent some troops in to the city to look” the man reports. Placing his hand on his sword like he was going to draw it and cut the man in half. “I will shut this city down tell that poor excuse of a town guard force that If I come down there to get my report, I will start cutting people in half.” The mans eyes got big “yes sir” he replies and runs off. “sorry for that” he says to the party. “do any of you know where he might be?”

Miles swallowed his coffee as he shook his head side to side. Apparently Paul was a bit of a drama queen and lost without Glen around. Miles felt bad for Glenn having to deal with all the drama of being the Grand Inquisitor of Greyskull or whatever they called this place. He felt a little bad for not giving a crap since he was a guest and would probably become a resident soon if he decided to take the plunge and buy a harem of female demi-human and human slaves.

Stepping forward the Warforged envoy Ithaca says in his scratchy synthesize voice “we returned last night late last I saw him he was heading for his room.”

Miles then spoke up as well since the GQ Paladin was freaking out. By the looks of things he was a player as well. Since the robot guy finally spoke up it made it easier to bring up the subject too.

Miles: He had to come back before morning since he answered the letter I left for him last night. And before you get all nosy, its in reference to me getting my own place.

Miles could see the glares he got from the staff and Paladins even though he answered his questions. He sipped his coffee as he grabbed a plate and began serving himself since the staff was listening to Paul.

Miles: So before you get your knickers in a twist, ask yourself this question. If Glenn was attacked like last time why weren't the rest of us attacked as well? Then ask yourself this question. Assuming some assassin can hold their own against Glenn, his attacks are big and flashy so even the town drunkards would notice them. Since I fought by his side many times its kinda hard to miss. He's prolly is exhausted from you guys working him to death. Hec even the robot here (pointing at Ithaca) gets time off.

Miles shook his head in disappointment as he ate his breakfast. He didn't know how Glenn put up with all the whining and BS. If it was up to him he would either quit or find some replacements since that kind of stress would kill most people. After he finished eating he told the others he was going to shop for a house later on unless they had something else they needed to deal with.


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