Playing House

Miles shook his head in disappointment as he ate his breakfast. He didn't know how Glenn put up with all the whining and BS. If it was up to him he would either quit or find some replacements since that kind of stress would kill most people. After he finished eating he told the others he was going to shop for a house later on unless they had something else they needed to deal with. Of course Artimis came in an made a spectacle of himself. Seeing as Paul had to make a big scene yet again made Miles wonder if he really was a player and not an NPC.

"I'm going to investigate his room. Can someone see if magic was used in there and if it was the Inquisitor's magic," he asked. He was going to have the stone made into a pendent so he would wear it like a badge. He had the authority to investigate as the advisor to the Thieve's Guild, we at least he assumed he did. Until Paul or one of his underlings pounded the snot out of him and threw him down in the holding cell. With Glenn's disappearance, he wasn't sure he wanted to cross the Abbot.
As he approached Paul near the door, he asked, "Captain, who is assigned to me?" He knew better than asking who was coming with him, because he would not be going anywhere if he asked for permission. As he approached the door the guard stood firm and with fixed tone, "Captain, you and your people have to play nice and by the rules. I don't. I want to find the Chief also. So, If you don't let me do my job, I will put my mind to creatively making your life hell."
Between Vader's and the dance lesson, avoiding the sword that was drawn came easy. Before it cleared the scabbard, Artimis was at his shoulder with the assassin's blade against the shoulder joint of the armor.
"My kill count is only at 1, would you like to be number 2?" he asked the warrior.
He looked at a page and said, "Please go let, Lord Vader know we need him."

Miles saw that things were getting ugly real quick and in a hurry so he used the diversion that Artimis made to casually leave the Palace unnoticed. Since he already told them what he was going to do he felt no need to deal with them anymore. Since he got a green light to get his own place from Glenn he didn't need to worry about what the others had to say. Sure they could whine and complain in the name of Justice and all things Holy, but he knew damn well that not a damn one of them would trade places with him if they knew the truth. This was one of the main reasons he wanted his own place. He found it annoying the help would judge him even after Glenn told them to treat them like nobles. Of course Artimis like to push his luck playing 007/Robin Hood and all the time. He wondered if the guy was an adrenaline junkie. Miles did have a few past friends who were like that.

After a bit of walking, Miles looked at his online map. Any place he had been before was showing up on the map, but the rest of it was hidden. After seeing the areas that were exposed on the map he realized everything was far away from him so he summoned Maxx again and hopped on for a slow ride. He was in no rush and was a bit worried Maxx might run over someone by accident so he took it slow. As he rode around the city he saw the basic layout and this did help him a lot to get his bearings of the city. After riding for an hour he finally found the building that served as the Lords Relator for the Nobles.

After unsummoning Maxx he entered the building and looked inside. A bell jingled from the top of the door to notify the workers of a new customer entering. After Miles entered he saw a cute human female greet him and ask him how she could help him today. Miles then told her he was a dear close friend of the Inquisitor and was hoping to purchase an estate. The lady then escorted Miles to a waiting room and left to find a Land Agent and prepare some snacks and tea. Miles sat on the couch and waited patiently as he opened his inventory to see how much money he had to work with. After some time the lady came back with a tray of cheese, fruits and crackers along with a pitcher full of tea and some cups. She poured two cups of tea and then left Miles alone again.

Miles found the tea and snacks very delicious and snacked a bit as he waited. A few moments later an older man looking like one of Glenn's butlers came in and formally greeted Miles. After some questions and answers the Land Agent realized Miles was in deed a VIP and connected to the Lord Inquisitor so that greatly opened up more opportunities for him. Seeing as Miles was new to the area he asked what type of estate Miles was looking for. Miles wanted enough bed rooms for his servants (harem), a large kitchen, a large bath, a garden for growing herbs & vegetables and a study. he also didn't want to be to far away from the Palace if possible since he and Glenn were still on a mission.

The Land Agent then opened up a few maps of the city to show the available mansions in the area that met Miles's needs. Some would require upgrades, some were over priced due to past due taxes and some were not quite what Miles was looking for. So after narrowing the options down a bit Miles and the Land Agent took a horse and buggy to check out the possible mansions. The Land Agent was a bit shocked when Miles didn't even flinch at the prices. This meant he could try to push him into buying the more expensive estates. Luckily none of the mansions were haunted since the city had enough holy paladins and clergy to purify them all. Of course that cost would be added into the purchase as well.

One by one Miles was not to impressed by the layout or location of the mansions and some of them were a bit old which meant costly and time consuming repairs. Since he had no idea how his mission with Glenn was going to go he didn't have the luxury of time to make the repairs or hire anyone. If he left it up to his future harem, they would probably get ripped off. Many hours had gone by as Miles seemed disappointed. The land Agent was a bit worried since he finally got a big spender who seemed unhappy with his choices.

Then they were down to the last to mansions. As they arrived Miles looked at the mansion and saw a familiar design. He opened the gates to the wall and walked in. Granted it needed a Gardner to clean up the weeds, but he saw the potential in the front of the property. After entering the front door he cracked a smile. He loved the design of the entrance and the layout of the staircases. Granted it was empty he could decorate it with the stuff in his inventory or buy some furniture at the market. In the end he really taking a liking to the place. It had plenty of bedrooms for his harem or guests, two bathrooms powered by magic, a magical fireplace, a garden in the back, a swimming pool and a large kitchen. It was then that he realized the layout was indeed much like the mansion once owned by a playboy millionaire named Mr. Hefner.

Miles chuckled as he wondered which programmer made this place since it was a medieval version of the same mansion. If was truly ironic that he found it and was planning on using it for the exact same manner. Miles seemed very happy about the place which in turn made the Land Agent happy since he was struggling to sell this very place since it was a very unpopular design. As Miles was still walking around he negotiated with the Land Agent on the cost. As it turned out the price was a bit higher than the other mansions due to unpaid taxes and the last owner died in the house so it had to be purified of his ghost. Miles of course didn't really care about that, but he knew better than to pay the full price so he used his bargaining skills to lower the price after pointing out the expenses he would deal with to make the place presentable again. The land Agent did his best but Miles managed to lower the price to a reasonable number.

Once they agreed on the price they took the carriage back to the office and Miles proceeded to fill out and sign a lot of documents before Miles paid the full amount in gold coins. The Land Agent was a bit shocked since it was rare for a Noble to pay the full amount like that since they were usually cheapskates who made payments. Once Miles had the deed to his property and all the taxes were up to date and he got a receipt he put them in his inventory for safe keeping. After thanking the Land Agent for his time, Miles left the office and made his way to the brothel once again.

After paying the entry fee at the door he made his way past the casino and to the manager of the escorts. He was quickly recognized by the manager and a few of the girls who greeted him warmly. Then Miles asked them if they were still serious about being purchased and they got excited at the idea since it was a far better option. Miles then asked them who else was interested in the idea besides the two of them. Then they told Miles it was the same eight girls he had talked to last time, which consisted of Tuka the Winged Elf, Lelei the Cat girl, Meia the Wolf girl, Delilah the Bunny girl, Yao Ro Dushi the Dark Elf, Rory the Dwarf, Lilith the Human and Papi the Harpy.

Miles then asked if they were available or working and he got lucky they were free since there were not really busy this hour. So then Miles asked to have a private meeting with the manager to discuss their purchase. After entering a private room the with the manager and his two bodyguards, Miles then told the manager he was looking into buying some female slaves. The Manager of course was not to keen on selling any of his girls since they made him good money. However used money and his barter/negotiation skills to persuade the Manager otherwise. Since Miles was willing to pay top dollar for the eight escorts in question the Manager was taking the conversation seriously.

When asked why he was taking this expensive route to get female slaves Miles told him he wanted a harem of mixed women to help pass the time. The manager laughed and accepted the deal since Miles was paying in gold coins. Miles of course kept his cool till the papers were signed and officially stamped before he put them in his inventory for safe keeping. The last thing he needed was any thieves working for the Manager to rip him off. Once he was ready and the girls were packed, the manager had his men escort the eight slave escorts to Miles so they could leave the casino.

The girls were nervous as they left with Miles since they were not sure if the Manager would change his mind. Of course they didn't know Miles paid top dollar for them and mentioned he was connected to Glenn as a deterrent to double cross him. As they walked down the street Miles then realized they needed some essentials for the house. So he ended up purchasing a wagon for Maxx to pull and loaded the wagon with the girls and their stuff. Then with some guidance from his harem he was able to find the other shops he was looking for. From there Miles was able to order his furniture, provisions, cooking ware, garden tools, cleaning tools, bedding for delivery. Once he found what he needed for the day he took his harem to his new estate.

The harem was curious why the house was not maintained and Miles told them they would be fixing it up and living there from now on. He expected the harem to frown on the idea but as it turned out they did have some skills in home management, gardening and cooking so they seemed excited by the idea of having a home for a change. It was also nice they only had to service one guy for a change and they all found Miles attractive so that made a big difference for them.

After a tour of the place they all began to clean the place up, starting with the rooms they would be using the most. To speed things up Miles summoned a few creatures to help out since he still had some mana to spare. He also bribed Maxx with a mana crystal to clean the weeds from the lawn and gardens. As the hours went by Miles realized it was getting late so they all pitched in either cooking or preparing the table for dinner. Normally the harem would be working at this point so it was weird but plesant for them to enjoy their night for a change. At the dinner table, they told Miles a bunch of amusing stories and he told them of some of his mishaps with Maxx who was resting by the fireplace.

Luckily some of the items he ordered were delivered before dinner, including some mattresses. So Miles and the harem set them up by the fireplace so they could stay warm together for the night. Miles found it nice to spend time with women again. It had been a long time for him and he didn't care that they were NPCs or that most of them were not human. He wanted to feel warmth again without being judged. Since they were all former escorts and NPCs he didn't have to worry them looking down on him at all.

Granted they were far from finishing up the house, but they made a lot of progress for the time they had. They were a bit tired from cleaning and looked forward to finishing in a day or two if all worked out well. They still needed to move and assemble the furniture that came in earlier as well that the rest that would be delivered later on. Miles found it nice to not have to deal with staff at the Palace tonight. That place was full of nosy people and some of them annoyed Miles. He felt bad for Glenn who was stuck there and Artimis seemed to like the drama. As for the animal girl (Serenity) he had no idea where she was or what she was up to, but she seemed to like the outdoors so she should be fine.

As it got late and they were tired, the harem cuddled up next to Miles and slowly dozed off. With Maxx keeping guard like a security system they were able to sleep peacefully. Miles was glad he didn't have to sneak Maxx into his room anymore and the harem was fine with Maxx being in the house since she was very helpful. Maxx was not to keen on Miles having a harem, but since Miles went through the trouble to buy them and the house she played nice especially since Miles still slept next to her.

The next morning after waking up in a cozy sleeping pile, they all cleaned up and had breakfast before they began getting deliveries. Miles had a list to check off what he received and what was missing which made it easier to keep track of what to expect. The provisions were properly stored and they began cleaning the remaining rooms in teams of two, while Miles and Rory the Dwarf assembled the furniture in each room. So by lunch they were at a very good stopping point and had sandwiches for lunch. It was then they talked in more detail about their various home skills and agreed to split the work load with each other to make it easier in the future.

After lunch Miles sent a message via magic to Glenn, giving him his address and inviting him to visit anytime. Oddly enough they were not to far apart, which was convenient.

It was nice to see the kitchen stocked and some of the rooms finished. Since they were not in a hurry they could take their time fixing up the non essential rooms. Miles was under the idea that the harem would want their own room to sleep in, but surprisingly they liked the cozy feeling of being all together by the fireplace so Miles had to rethink the master bedroom layout to work out better for them. After he made some changes his harem got very excited and liked how he accepted their suggestion. They were concerned if they had separate bedrooms Miles might begin to play favorites and loose interest in some of them. Miles put their minds to rest as he understood they had needs too. While they were resting they made of list of things they would need down the road where they would need to go to get them.


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