Cobwebs and explosions

As Artimis made his way to investigate and decided to stop in his rooms to get some things. He was not going to go searching for Glenn with out being prepared. He grabbed the thieves tools he thought he might need. As he reached to set the assassins dagger on the shelf Bookshelf, he hear a spring sound of something getting lose. Artimis fell head first forward dropping the dagger on the shelf as the bookshelf swing inward. The area was dark and there were stairs and a narrow passage way that Artimis noted as he fell. The first bounce was not bad the second bounce down On the narrow light of stairs hurt. The worst part was being covered in cobwebs and he felt like a hundred thousand spiders were crawling all over him. He slid himself and started to move up the stair again, now in the dark as the bookshelf had closed.

All Artimis sound was a small candle and flint and steel to light a fire. This was Artimis’ big mistake. He forgot that cobwebs and dust could be a highly flammable fuel source. This was a fact that he learned quickly. As the spark burst forth, so did the fireball. It was like looking up into the heavens as the cobwebs burned away and a million tiny spider voices screamed as flame consumed them. Being covered in cobwebs meant the flash that came through also burned the cobwebs off him. Artimis laid on the cool tiled floor looking up. The explosion that followed was enough to wake the dead. Artimis mentally added Arson to his growing list of crimes against the realm.

On the roof a carved stone dragon gargoyle sneezed violently. Expelling all the debris that had collects with explosive force. Then smoke rolled from its nostrils, as the smoke was slowly vented from the shaft.

As the burning died down, he looked to see that the candle was burning. He was putting a lantern in his kit.

He smiled as in her Paul could not get a hand on him.

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