Artimis and gods Flames

On the roof a carved stone dragon gargoyle sneezed violently. Expelling all the debris that had collects with explosive force. Then smoke rolled from its nostrils, as the smoke was slowly vented from the shaft.

Glenn could smell the smoke coming from the statue. He sat up and looked and wondered what now as he saw smoke coming from a dragon statue. This he did not know it would happen and what caused it.

As the burning died down, Artimis looked to see that the candle was burning. He was putting a lantern in his kit.

Fallowing the passage and finding it ended. Checking the walls there was an outline not like the rest. Looking at it closer and pushing in a passageway door opens to a hatch then the roof.

Glenn stood to his feet and looked across the roof searching for anything out of place. Rising his hand in to the air he called his mace with a flash of gold light it appeared in his hands. He rotated his shoulders in a circular rotation then with tilting his head left right a crack sound came from his neck. He took a beep breath and let it out slowly.

Artimis got the hatch open as he looks out of it seeing Glenn there in his armor with the morning light reflecting of it made it seem as if it was glowing. His mace looked like the sun. his cloak flowing in the breezes he looked ready for combat. Artimis have seen him like this so many times before. The force of the aura coming off of Glenn said that he was going all out.

Seeing something move Glenn turned towards it. “Show your self I am not in the mood for games if you don’t do it now, I will call the fire of Elohim down on you.” he raises his Mace into the air.

Artimis pops up showing his head “Lord Inquisitor, found you” he said with some sarcasm. “everyone is looking for you.” says was he comes into full view.

Lowering his mace to his side Glenn chuckles a bit. “you know you almost got barbecued. I am sure everyone is looking, and I should get back. The mace disappears he reached down picking up his stuff and starts to walk towards Artimis “I did not know there was a stair’s there.” he said with some amusement.

He listens to Artimis reply. “well come on let’s walk back to the others before someone gets hurt.” He said with a smile.

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