The Quest - Start of mission

Glenn look down the stairs “Yes, but you will have to clean once a month, or they will come back” said Glenn. as he raises his hand up, he mumbles some words a blinding light shot forward filling the passageway with light. Every spider and web that touch it vanished vaporized by it. the smell of ionized air filled the area. “There” said Glenn. “I wish are next quest would be that easy. I will talk on that latter.” admitted Glenn.

As they traveled thought the citadel purposely avoiding everyone Glenn thought it was best the he appears in the main hall. walking through some door he turns to Artimis “I know a few things about this place too. As they walk out the door into the main Hall “Enough!” he yelled. all the people froze in place with a surprised look. He had been saying that a lot lately and was growing tiered of it. “What! I can not even go for a walk by myself. Last time I checked I was a grown man.” He walked to the center of the hall. “If I want a babysiter or a nurse made I will ask for one. Unless you see blood or a fucking huge hole in a wall don’t worry about me. Do your dam jobs and keep my office running! Do I make myself clear” yelled Glenn. there was a lot of yes Lord Inquisitors around the room.

Glenn turned to Paul walking up to him. Paul Knew he was in trouble and snapped to parade rest a position assumed by a soldier in which the feet are apart, the hands are clasped behind the back, and the head is held motionless and facing forward. smiled glad to see you Chief” he said. Glenn did not even smile the anger in his vice was apparent. Glenn talks in a low voice. “I did not bring you here to play my guardian. I brought you here to run the Paladins and recruit more and train them. Can you fallow that simple order?” said Glenn.

Paul look at him in the eyes “yes Chief.” He replied. “I am sorry if I caused any problems for you, Lord Inquisitor” said Paul.

Glenn gave out a sigh “Look, just do that for me if I need more, I will ask you. I do appreciate in these times.” Glenn says. He turned to the people there I need my party in my waiting room as soon as they can get there. Also, the party leaves in 2 hours for Stone Gate City get their mounts ready and supplies for the trip.” He announces.

Looking back to Paul “here is a report read it. it is worse that you thought” said Glenn. as Paul was about to say something. “No, I will not need an escort my party will be enough.” Glenn said. Paul just replied, “yes Lord Inquisitor.” Glenn slaps him on the shoulder one day I my even take you with me just hold this place and keep it running. We will be doing more later. “Now I will be in my waiting room I don’t want anyone else in there, but my party got that post guards at the doors thanks that is all.” says Glenn. Paul look at the other Paladins and started to put out orders as Glenn turned and went to the waiting room.

Walking in he stood to one side he greeted the party members as they walked in. when everyone shows up he starts telling the party of their mission to Stone Gate City how they need to rescue a teen player and they need to straighten the place out. It has not improved from the last time they were there.

Map of the land

He paused as if thinking how to say something. “I would say that as Adventures we are outnumbered 200 NPCs to one as a hole. North Gate has the second highest number of Adventures in this land Stone Gate with the highest. On the day of awaking thing we all know it went bad really bad. Rapes, murders, extortion and other crimes not only to NPCs but player on player. It was confirmed I am the highest ranking employee in the game that we know of. So, it falls on me to keep the peace and people safe. I just gave orders of the Paladins to find and rescue the teens and any children in the game. and bring them here. lucky for me most of the adventures in this city are with me on helping others and fallowing some type of law per say. So, we are secure for the most part. He states confidently.

Glenn opens a magic scroll an image appears on it. “Now this is who we are going to go rescue for the High Lord and she is a player. Her name is Sun. Expect resistance and having to fight other players as well as NPCs. I would like to get on the road in 2 hrs or less. Its about 5 days to get there. time is not on are side she is hiding and safe for now, but people are hunting for her. She also has information vital for us a clue for a way back. The Liberin there is are contact. Will you help me rescue her and restore Stone Gate city.” He asks. He turns to Vader ‘my I have a word with you privately?”

Going to one side and away from the party “Vader your request is being a pain good news is Lady De'Lyons in the Stone Gate aera Just can’t pin her down. She is one step ahead of the people we have sent. Why she is being that way I don’t know. She has about 50 people with her mostly men at arms. After we get Sun we go after Lady De'Lyons. I hope that’s satisfactory to you?” Glenn said smiles “I am glad some good will come from all this. I am looking in to place for you both if what you have is not good enough. A Place fit for a lord of your standing” he said.

After they talk, he returns to the party. “Any questions?” he asks

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