Artimis did not follow Glenn through the door he ruined and found another door to head out and return through the main doors. He did not want to say he found the passage on accident and his fireball was a mistake. He did not want others to think he was hiding in Glenn’s shadow.

As Glenn was dressing the men down, he smiled. He slid through the door and lifted the keys off the belt of Paul’s second. Right in the sight of Glenn. He knew Glenn would let him have it for being a ass, but he did need the practice and he could not pick others pockets. The guard was his playmates. He would give Paul the keys later before they left and hopefully Paul would not punch him. Getting hit by a gauntlet might hurt.

Abby watched him and gave him a what kind of stupid look are you. He knew that answer, the special kind of course.

After the scene broke, Artimis walked with Abby and her sister. He was doing the “This is going to be dangerous and I may not make it back” routine. She was doing the “I am mad at you for stealing the keys routine.” She was better at this than he was. He had both hands behind him holding the ring and bouncing the keys. It was more out of nerves and keeping his hands to himself.

As one of the paladins grabbed the key ring Artimis turned and handed it to him. “Can you explain to me why we have keys on a ring for the keep? Most of the rooms are unlocked and the ones that need to be protected are magically locked. The treasury is guarded by the Abbot. Half the people here can cast a spell to lock and unlock doors.”

The Paladin did not punch Artimis but walked off muttering about stupid thieves. Abby told him he shouldn’t make them mad.

Artimis packed fairly light, he grabbed a bow and a quiver of arrows and a quiver of practice arrow. He left the great sword behind taking the two shorter swords instead. He brought a set of nice clothes so he could pass himself as a servant of a Nobel.

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