Duty Calls?

“Now I will be in my waiting room I don’t want anyone else in there, but my party got that post guards at the doors thanks that is all.” says Glenn. Paul look at the other Paladins and started to put out orders as Glenn turned and went to the waiting room.

It was nice to see the kitchen stocked and some of the rooms finished. Since they were not in a hurry they could take their time fixing up the non essential rooms. Miles was under the idea that the harem would want their own room to sleep in, but surprisingly they liked the cozy feeling of being all together by the fireplace so Miles had to rethink the master bedroom layout to work out better for them. After he made some changes his harem got very excited and liked how he accepted their suggestion. They were concerned if they had separate bedrooms Miles might begin to play favorites and loose interest in some of them. Miles put their minds to rest as he understood they had needs too. While they were resting they made of list of things they would need down the road where they would need to go to get them.

Sadly Miles and his new harem were interrupted by a nock on the door. Lelei the cat girl quickly answered the door and saw a messenger with a few paladin guards.

Lelei: Hello?

Messenger: On behalf of the Lord Inquisitor, I have to deliver a message to the Lord of this manor. Is your Master 1000 Miles Drunk home?

Lelei: Ummm yeah. I'll go fetch him.

Lelei was a bit concerned as they ran to the kitchen to inform Miles he had a guest from the Lord Inquisitor. Miles seemed annoyed as he got up and made his way over to the door to see the messenger and his holy guard. It was then that he received the letter as well and a worded message that his attendance was requested by the Lord Inquisitor. Miles opened the letter and read it to himself to verify if it was real or some sinister trap. Seeing as it was real he sighed and nodded at the messenger.

Miles: I will leave shortly after I have made my preparations.

Messenger: I will pass that to Lord Inquisitor.

After the messenger left, Miles sighed as he wanted to enjoy his harem a bit more before having to go on some damned crusade. Since he was concerned about his harem he had a meeting in the kitchen with them. He told them he was going on a mission and would be gone for a while with no clue on how long it would take. However since he was concerned about their well being he told them to be careful and travel in pairs when they left the mansion. He gave them a chest full of gold in case they needed to go shopping, but warned them it had to support them till he got back so they needed to spend it wisely. The harem was sad to see Miles leave so early and hugged him with concern. It was not uncommon for masters to die on missions so they were worried what would happen to them if he died. Miles gave them a letter that was in fact a will if he died. In the will his slaves would be free and could inherit his wealth. The harem was confused by his sudden generosity, but he assured them he had no desire to die anytime soon and it was just a precaution for their sake.

Then he reminded them of the remaining deliveries and the remaining tasks to restore their home. He was looking forward to seeing it when he came back. Then he gave them all an affectionate kiss hug and grope since it would be a while before he could do it again. Then he left the mansion with Maxx and made his way to the large palace. Despite being nearby it was still a half hour by horse. As he approached the Palace he unsummoned Maxx and knocked on the door.

There he was greeted by the staff who did their best to be polite to him. Since he didn't want to stir up a hornets nest for Glenn he acted polite despite not giving a crap about the glares he could feel from behind his back. He felt it was a waste of time and effort to deal with those who wouldn't shed a tear after he died. At least his harem gave him love and warmth. All the servants in the palace did was act all judgey while doing their job. If he wanted their opinion he would have asked them.

Once inside he followed the servant who led him to the room Glenn wanted them to meet in. Once inside he was offered drinks and snacks but he waved them off and told them he was fine. Since he had time to kill he opened his inventory and pulled out a cooking book to study recipes. He figured he could spend some time in the kitchen with his harem when he got back. He wanted them to be more than mere lovers and found they could bond as they cooked, cleaned and worked on the garden together. He missed that connection in the real world but he was glad he could find it here. Of course in this world he could have the added bonus of multiple demi-human lovers. Granted he was glad to have eight lovers, but he wondered if he might find more down the road. Of course he had to be picky since he didn't want the girls to fight and he preferred a peaceful home. Eventually the others showed up followed by Glenn.

Walking in he stood to one side he greeted the party members as they walked in. when everyone shows up he starts telling the party of their mission to Stone Gate City how they need to rescue a teen player and they need to straighten the place out. It has not improved from the last time they were there.
Map of the land

Miles put his book back in his inventory and listened to Glenn talk about a rescue mission. It was the usual mission impossible rescue mission the game would offer now and then before it turned into a death game. Sadly the success rate was low back then too. It took a well organized team to complete the whole mission since there were side missions along the way. Miles was already not looking forward to this mission and knew it was going to end badly one way or another. Since they lost most of the members of their team they more unbalanced than usual. He wondered who Glenn was going to use to fill in the gaps.

He paused as if thinking how to say something. “I would say that as Adventures we are outnumbered 200 NPCs to one as a hole. North Gate has the second highest number of Adventures in this land Stone Gate with the highest. On the day of awaking thing we all know it went bad really bad. Rapes, murders, extortion and other crimes not only to NPCs but player on player. It was confirmed I am the highest ranking employee in the game that we know of. So, it falls on me to keep the peace and people safe. I just gave orders of the Paladins to find and rescue the teens and any children in the game. and bring them here. lucky for me most of the adventures in this city are with me on helping others and fallowing some type of law per say. So, we are secure for the most part. He states confidently.

As Miles listened he realized this was getting more serious than he expected. So this turned out to be a chained quest and he knew this was not just a one time deal. So Glenn wanted to save and recruit as many lost players as possible however they had to worry about the PK'ers and the players who just plain lost it. He could understand why they were sent over the edge of despair and were reduced to their base emotions, but that didn't mean he approved of it. If he had to he would not hesitate to finish them off since they were a threat to his peaceful life at his Playboy Mansion.

Glenn opens a magic scroll an image appears on it. “Now this is who we are going to go rescue for the High Lord and she is a player. Her name is Sun. Expect resistance and having to fight other players as well as NPCs. I would like to get on the road in 2 hrs or less. Its about 5 days to get there. time is not on are side she is hiding and safe for now, but people are hunting for her. She also has information vital for us a clue for a way back. The Liberin there is are contact. Will you help me rescue her and restore Stone Gate city.” He asks. He turns to Vader ‘my I have a word with you privately?”

This didn't give Miles much time to prepare, but he really didn't need to since he always had his gear on and Maxx by his side. Not to mention his massive inventory was always useful wherever he went. So they just needed to rescue the female and bring her back, as if that was going to go smoothly. He nodded in agreement with Glenn as if he had much of a choice since Glenn was his sponsor in the city. Then he left with the undead knight. Miles didn't much care for the undead knight since he came off as a total know it all jerk. However he had to play nice for Glenn's sake.

After they talk, he returns to the party. “Any questions?” he asks

Miles had a lot of questions but knew they were pointless since the plan would change a lot and so would their tactics. So instead he requested some provisions and potions in case they needed them and copy of the map so he could update his screen map. He also asked for an inventory restore to replace his used up inventory. There was a concern they might need more potions if things went south like they usually did for them. After he made his preparations he gave Maxx a mana stone to snack on as he waited for Glenn and the others.


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