The Old Oak

As Glenn started to leave, she decided to tell him about the old tree in the garden. " Hay Glenn I contended sum thing unusual in the garden" Serenity said.

Glenn stops turns to look at Serenity. “I call him Old Oak, I brought him here 5 years ago rescued it you could say. The tree does not just talk to anyone. It has only talk to me about 5 times. It is wise and old it said that you have old blood, what ever that means. Old Oak felt you when you came here why I don’t know and the reference to old blood I am a bit confused on. In the old game this would not have happened so, I am at a loss.” Glenn starts to walk then stops “your right I don’t control you and you can leave anytime you want. But I would like you to say if you wish. Also, the reason I could walk outside after being attacked it happed all the time in the Military, I am used to people trying to kill me” He said in a grim tone. I thank you for letting me know how you feel. I will try harder to be more considerate in the future Lady Serenity.” He said respectfully.

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