Jam Session

After they talk, he returns to the party. “Any questions?” he asks

Miles had a lot of questions but knew they were pointless since the plan would change a lot and so would their tactics. So instead he requested some provisions and potions in case they needed them and copy of the map so he could update his screen map. He also asked for an inventory restore to replace his used up inventory. There was a concern they might need more potions if things went south like they usually did for them. After he made his preparations he gave Maxx a mana stone to snack on as he waited for Glenn and the others.

Glenn smiled at Serenity’s reply. “As for Old Oak it has been in the game from the beginning the AI that runs it was always advanced and different. It knows more about this game and world than anyone I know. The only other thing I know that is old as Old Oak is a Dragon named Torricsimir, I saw it only once. It killed most of the Raid party of 25. Five of us made it out I was one of them. and disappeared in update three. If it is back, I hope it stays mountains it could destroy this city and everyone in it” He says with a dark tone. Well if you are coming let’s go, I have some things to do before we leave.” Glenn says walking to a back door.

Miles waited patiently for Glen and the others as he knew they had to make their own preparations. So as he waited by the stables with Maxx, he checked his inventory screen and configured a few things for easy use. He moved a few spells and cantrips around as well as some potions in case of an emergency. Sadly he knew he had a tendency to forget his spells in combat and usually relied on his monks skills. He usually used his spells when he had range and time to cast them. Then Maxx snorted steam.

Miles: I don't know. maybe they are gathering supplies.

Maxx snorted with steam from her nostrils.

Miles: Well I am not to crazy about this mission either.

Maxx snorted and shook her head.

Miles: Of course I'd rather be home with the girls. I finally got myself a harem and a playboy mansion. If it wasn't important...……...

Maxx snorted with steam from her nostrils.

Miles: Its a rescue mission so naturally its important.

Maxx snorted and shook her head.

Miles: Oh don't be like that Maxy. You know you are my partner.

Maxx snorted with steam from her nostrils.

Miles: Well we will figure that out stuff out along the way I guess. We can plan till we are blue in the face, but anything can change in this place. We will likely run into monsters, bandits and possibly an opposing army if things go real bad.

Maxx snorted with steam from her nostrils and looked at Miles.

Miles: Relax Maxy, unlike Artimis who will bail on us at the drop of a hat, Glenn's eyes tell a different story.

Maxx snorted with steam from her nostrils.

Miles: True counting me and you we don't have many teammates left. Most likely Glenn may bring a few guards or paladins with him. Who knows.

Miles was now looking at Maxx's info on his screen and smirked.

Miles: Oh yeah I forgot you had these features.

Maxx snorted with steam from her nostrils.

Miles: Well its been a while since we used them and to be honest my memory is still fuzzy. I remember playing the game for a long time and our early adventures, but I know there is a gap I can't remember before we woke up in this place.

Maxx snorted with steam from her nostrils and nodded.

Miles: Yeah well I'd rather be here than back there any time of the day. But I am curious how long I can stay here. It would be nice if I had a choice in the matter.

Maxx snorted with steam from her nostrils.

Miles: Yeah ya got me Maxy. I am a base creature at heart. I am sure my lifestyle pisses off Glenn's staff, which is why I moved out I the first place. The last thing I need is some woman trying to fix me and make me into a proper husband. That's why I haven't gone back to the library.

Maxx snorted with steam from her nostrils and shook her head.

Miles: I am not afraid of her. I just don't want her to get the wrong idea. It was just fling in the heat of the moment. That doesn't mean I want to join ELO's religious order and become a cleric.

Maxx snorted with steam from her nostrils.

Miles: Elohim? Yeah I meant that guy, the god of the paladins and clerics. You know I don't fit in with them right. I like drinking and messing around, which they frown on. Well till the other arrive I think its best to double check your systems and your movements. The last thing we need is a rock stuck in your gears.

Miles then double checked Maxx to make sure she was in prime condition. Once he was done he sat by Maxx and played on his flute.


Miles was really into his song as he closed his eyes and felt the beat in his head. He swayed to the song and ignored the world around him. Little did he know as he played while ignoring the world the people passing him by began to toss a coin or two by his feet. Since he was in his own world he had no idea he was making a small sum of money while playing outside. It wasn't till the end of his song that he opened his eyes and saw someone smiles as they tossed him a coin before walking off. Miles was a bit shocked as he looked down to see the coins on the floor by his feet and the happy people walking by. Figuring he had nothing better to do he continued to play.


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