"We are all we have. Don't turn against each other." Proclaimed an automated voice through the quarreling. I walked forward and approached the others, sword in firmly in my right hand and my left resting on my scabbard. This entire venture had been all but a mess so far, I was honestly surprised no one had died yet. I began typing again, seeing I had gotten their attention, and I did so with an irate countenance about me, in other words pissed that these two thought now was a good time to bicker and argue.

"It's dark. They're shadow monsters. We are at a disadvantage."

My life was at stake and everyone around me seemed to think this all was just some big game. Well, it was a game, but not the kind that should in anyway permit horsing around, and due to the very nature of our circumstance, I felt it's being a literal game had nothing to do with the risks imposed upon us. The irony of the thought wasn't even humorous to me at the moment.

Using my summon spell, which when applied on top of itself has the opposite effect, I dispelled Mere as I didn't wanting her to be overcome in the oncoming darkness, causing her to vaporize into a black mist and await my call once again. With that, I proceeded to swing open the door to the building Vader had mentioned before, walk through, and close it behind me.

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