Let's get this party started!

With very little of any interest going on aboveground, Vader retreated to the simple peace and quiet of his crypt dwelling. There he stayed, studying his books and raising more and more skeletons to do his bidding. In time, he even gained a proficiency perk which allowed him to upgrade his army to level 2 skeletons, with a fraction more HP and DMG. They could also perform slightly more complex tasks. With rusted weapons and inprovised tools, he set them to work carving roughly hewn stone bricks.

And then a messenger and two paladins showed up and immediately attacked the nearest skeletons. Vader immediately unsheathed his Power Sword.

"Unholy abomination!" one of the paladins screached, cleaving another skeleton to dust.

Vader was angry. Anger leads to hate… and hate leads to suffering! With a single stroke of his sword, he disarmed the paladin. The second moved in to attack, but Vader turned to face him. Dreadful Countenance or not, few could gaze into the cold, empty eyes of a Dread Knight and not quake with fear.

And yet, just as he was about to strike them all down at once, he felt a skeletal hand on his forearm. It was Adora. And though the skeleton woman could not speak, he understood that she was begging him to stay his hand.

"Very well," he said, returning his sword to it's scabbard.

Instead, he stepped menacingly close. His foot easily shattered to paladin's blade as he stepped on it. Its magical enchantments fizzled and popped, and were smoten from existence.

"How dare you enter the lands of a knight of Eternia and draw your sword on his servants!" he said, clenching his fist at them.

"A thousand pardons, milord! They were undead creatures," the messenger said.

In the distance, the demonic creature Vader had cast down into the pit howled obscenities in its cryptic language. The paladins shivered at the sound.

"What is you want?" Vader asks.

"I bring a summons from Master Graystone," he answered.

Vader put his hand to his chin in thought for a moment.

"Adora, take the others and find some other work for them until our guests are finished," Vader said and at once they all stopped what they were doing and left. "Come with me to my home. I insist that you experience my hospitality."

"A- a thousand more pardons, Lord Knight of Eternia! But we've much more work to accomplish," the messanger said, nearly tripping as he backtracked towards the crypts.

"But we have such sights to show you," Vader said.

"Please sir, don't harm us," the messanger finally said, dropping to his knees.

Though they did not follow suit, it was quite clear the paladins were similarly frightened.

"Then I suggest you be very careful what you tell others of my realm," Vader said.

"Yes sir, of course," he replied.

"Then begone!" Vader yelled.

The trio fell back and began to run. Vader sighed. It would only be a matter of time before those fools told what they'd seen. Glenn would probably be upset. The more he thought about it, the more certain he was that Glenn had said SOMETHING about not disturbing the graves.

Then something occurred to the old Dread Knight and a grin cracked across his lips. He ran back to the witch's hut and began to rifle through her magical artifacts. He came across a XP potion and stashed that in his inventory. Then he held up what he was looking for. It was a magical crystal of Absolute Cancellation! No magic could be cast within its area of effect. That included such things as Detect Undead, a favored paladin skill.

"Adora, I feel certain that I'm to be sent on a quest of some sort. While I'm gone, have them brick up this passageway ten times over. And place this in the middle of that wall. Then, keep them working on my new dungeon," Vader ordered. "Have the guest rooms on the right and the grand torture chamber on the left. You'll know when I return."

Adora clapped its hands and bowed before taking the crystal and running off.

When he finally found his beloved and daughter, he would have a grand acropolis for them to live in!

Like, an hour later

Vader stood bored as Glenn explained the mission. It seemed wholly pointless to him.

"May I have a word with you privately?” Glenn said suddenly.

Great! Gods damned blabbering paladins!

"Listen Inquisitor, in my defense, I wasn't really listening when you-," Vader began preemptively.

“Vader your request has been a pain. Good news is Lady De'Lyons is in the Stone Gate aera," Glenn interrupted him.

Had he been holding anything, Vader would have dropped it. Instead, he fell to his knees. A single black tear rolled down his cheek and fell to the stone floor. For years after, staff would try to remove the stain from the floor. But none would ever succeed. Eventually a floral area rug would be put over it.

"Thank you, Inquisitor," the ancient Dread Knight said.

"Just can’t pin her down. She is one step ahead of the people we have sent. Why she is being that way I don’t know. She has about 50 people with her mostly men at arms. After we get Sun we go after Lady De'Lyons. I hope that’s satisfactory to you?” Glenn said smiles.

"Though it pains me to wait so much as a single moment, I will honor your request as you have honored mine," Vader said after a conflicting moment's thought.

“I am glad some good will come from all this. I am looking in to a place for you both if what you have is not good enough. A Place fit for a lord of your standing,” he said.

Vader turned his head.

"...You might not feel that way if you knew what I was up to below your city," Vader said under his breath.

Glenn obviously caught only a fraction of what he'd said, but raised an eyebrow as if to say, 'Huh?'

"Never mind," Vader said hurriedly. "Let's just get started. I am eager to be reunited and will only wait for so long."

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