Miles and Mother

Miles was really into his song as he closed his eyes and felt the beat in his head. He swayed to the song and ignored the world around him. Little did he know as he played while ignoring the world the people passing him by began to toss a coin or two by his feet. Since he was in his own world, he had no idea he was making a small sum of money while playing outside. It wasn't till the end of his song that he opened his eyes and saw someone smiles as they tossed him a coin before walking off. Miles was a bit shocked as he looked down to see the coins on the floor by his feet and the happy people walking by. Figuring he had nothing better to do he continued to play.

There is a sound of a voice on the wind it was quit and pleasant. It interrupted Miles playing of his flute. The sound then got louder calling out to Miles. Feeling complied to fallow the women’s voice something deep inside of him new the sound but could not place it. He could not remember where he had herd that voice before. Max nudged him with a puff of steam bringing him back. The voice changed some the calling got stronger. Miles started to fallow it. He ends up in the garden fallowing a trail, he ends up in the back of the vast gardens. He sees a woman talking to a large oak tree that look vary old. With the tree creaking stops. she steps back nods to it. The branches sway in the breeze then stop.

Her beauty makes Miles hart skip a beat. Her presence is almost overwhelming. He feels strange as part of him wants to bow before her. “I see you made it. You know it is rude to keep a Lady waiting, Master Miles” She says walking closer and out of the shadow of the tree. She sniffs the air “I can smell the copper in you. You come from a long and noble dragon line. I see you like a lot of women their sent is all over you.” she said smiling. She looks into his eyes it feels as if she looks into Miles soul. “No real allegiance, Interesting” She said.

She stops “You are wondering who I am? I am the mother of all dragons and its kin some call me Gale. The first in this world. I would like to help you become more in Magic and your dragon blood. I would like you to Awaken your Dragon heritage. Your Blood is old and has power I can feel it. The cost for this is low in a way. first, I know your Friend Glenn the Inquisitor is looking for answers to the awakening. I am too all the old bloods are. But it will take someone like Glenn and you The party to find the answers on what happened. Help him and work with me to get what we need, and I will awaken the dragon in you Miles. You will not need the pitiful magic items you have use your own power you do not need dead dragons Bones to do what you can already do” She says.

Her eyes change as if looking into a dragon’s eyes. “Miles, what will you chose? Do you want to live your weak life as you are and become more and possibly save your friends and this world and your kind?” she asks.

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