Miles 2.0

She moves her hands in a circular motion. Opening her mouth, she exhales a copper colored cloud that engulf Miles. His lungs tighten as he gaps for air his skin feel as if it is on fire his eyes burn. He tries to yell in pain, but no cry came out. He started to shake uncontrollably as his muscles wanted to explode. As the transformation took place. He could feel transformation start to calm after a minute he fell to the ground.
His skin now copper tan look. His dragon eyes look of his type. His hands and feet enlarged and with black claws. Horns coming out of his head Everything looks different through his dragon eyes. you see the status bars for what they truly are (true sight). The magical aura of the tree and Gale is off the scale. Miles own magic aura is higher and his skill as well. Most of his abilities boosted.

After the pain became tolerable and he looked around he felt a surge of power rushing through his veins. Though he had never used steroids before he had an idea of the effects and side effects from them and could easily blow that idea out of the water. When he was in his prime as a cage fighter, he could easily beat a steroid using powerhouse, but right now there was no comparison. The power of just being 1/4 dragon alone was immense compared to before, so he could only imagine what half or full dragon mode was like. However this power was not normal and as he knew in life everything had a price. He wondered what this power was going to cost him in the future. Granted he needed to be strong in order to live his peaceful life, but he also had a few rules he was not willing to cross. He was not about to loose his soul or his mind since he was very attached to them no pun intended. If the price was to high he would stop his progress in this quest for raising his dragon blood. The last thing he needed was to be stuck as a giant dragon since he could not get to cuddle with his harem anymore or enjoy fine foods in his mansion.

Returning to her human form she smiles giggling “It hurts a bit dose it. Now that’s your quarter form as time goes on you will be half then the full dragon. As you progress you get more powerful you can not go back though when you change that’s the form. Just remember that as you awaken your dragon blood.” She says. Now as you attack you can cast at the same time. Your strongest is elemental magic. So, casting lighting or fire as you strike with your hands and feet is no problem, but it does use your magic strength to do so.” She said taking a pause to think. “Your skin becomes like armor getting stronger over time as well.” you understand right?”

Miles nodded since he was feeling very thirsty now and couldn't speak correctly.

“As part of your heritage you have "Frightful Presence". Each creature of your choice that is within 50 feet now 100 at half then 120 feet at full dragon. They must be aware of you must succeed in resisting the fear or become Frightened for 1 minute and try to run away. A person can try to resist every minute, ending the Effect after time. The person is immune to the dragon's "Frightful Presence" for the next 24 hours. Your Acid Breath or cloud can be used without losing experience now but only can be used twice a day now in tell full dragon form” she says looking him over.
She gives you the eye “that’s all I will tell you for now. there is more you will realize over time. Like all the elemental spells you will know just know. Well your friends are waiting for you. This form will wear off before you get to them. Any other questions” she asks.

Miles wanted to talk and ask her a lot of questions, but he was still struggling to speak at the moment. The transformation did take a toll on his body and he was starting to get used to breathing again. However this was not the only reason he struggled to speak. Just being in Gale's aura was enough to overwhelm him, so when she got a bit flirty he found his larger brain was not getting the proper blood supply since it was being diverted to his lower brain who was all to happy to see Gale. Though he was completely enamored by Gale he was also very embarrassed by his body's condition.

It had been a long time since he was completely vulnerable to a woman's charms and she was in complete control of the situation and it did scare him as well as excite him. Miles feared she could easily manipulate him if she so desired. he had to remind himself "it was just code" and she was just drawn that way by a nerd who prolly never had a girlfriend before. Sadly Gale was completely in his strike zone which put Miles in a uncomfortable position. As he struggled to maintain his composure he then noticed his very expensive dragon bone gauntlets and boots turned to dust before his eyes. He was torn by this since it was not easy to get those expensive armor pieces and now he could not even sell them off, but at the same time his stats did get boosted so it was a bit of quid pro quo situation.

So while Miles was very distracted but his loss, new power and his raised libido, he failed to notice that Gale was smirking at him as she waved him off in a fog. It wasn't till he noticed the fog that he snapped out of his confusion and looked around. He was worried since he had no idea where he was or what was going on. He reached out for Maxx only to find more fog. Then he felt a wall which helped calm him down. As the fog dissipated he soon saw he was in a small room with four walls around him. He quickly became worried as he began pressing on the walls to escape till one of them moved.

The one wall that did move opened way to easy and he almost fell as he tripped on his way out of the room. Luckily he caught his balance before he fell and saw his arm was human again. He then looked at his body to see it was also human again which put his mind at ease and confused him all the same as he wondered it he was dreaming. As he looked around he quickly realized he just came out of an outhouse and quickly closed the door due to the smell. He got worried since he could not see Maxx so he summoned Maxx and felt relieved to see his copper golem steed appear by his side.

Miles: That was trippy Maxx. But the big question is was it real or was it just a dream?

Maxx snorted steam. Miles looked at Maxx with puzzled smirk then nodded.

Miles: You're right it would be in my stats.

Miles quickly opened up his character Bio to see his 1/4 dragon blood had been activated completely now and he gained a lot of skills, buffs and a transformation ability. Since it did have some limitations he thought it would be best to use on a Boss type monster. Once again he got distracted by his stats that he completely forgot what he was doing before he met Gale. Then Maxx snorted steam and nudged him.

Miles: Others? What others...…...of snap!!! I completely spaced. Crap we need to join the others for the mission. I can read this stuff on the road. Thanks Maxy lets get going.

Maxx snorted steam as Miles climbed on her saddle and grabbed the reins. Then Maxx led him to the stables where the others were supposed to meet.


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